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Sonic 3 Is Set Up To Break 1 Impressive Video Game Movie Record

Unlike many video game adaptations, Sonic the hedgehog movies have been incredibly successful and the franchise will break an impressive record with Sonic 3. The Sonic movies have been popular worldwide, but the first episode was met with suspicion due to Sonic’s original design in the first trailer. The online backlash led to a complete redesign of the blue hedgehog and SonicThe release date was pushed back to make it happen. But since that stumble, the two Sonic movies are well liked by both the general public and fans of the games that Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles and Tails in the cinema.


if Sonic the hedgehog 3 keeps up with the box office performances of the first two films, then it will be the fastest video game franchise to reach $1 billion. Sonic the hedgehog earned over $320 million and Sonic 2‘s box office performance surpassed that at $404 million. Both films were hit by worldwide theater closures due to the pandemic, so Sonic 3 The franchise is almost guaranteed to cross the $1 billion mark. Only two other game franchises have reached the $1 billion milestone – Resident Evil who made 6 movies and Pokémon who made 23 movies – so Sonic doing it in just 3 movies will be a new record.

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Why Sonic Movies Are So Successful (While Other Video Game Movies Are Not)

A lot of SonicThe success of the video game franchise can be attributed to the fact that the studio cares about and listens to the fans of the video game franchise. The original design for Sonic was a disaster, but instead of stubbornly sticking to it, SEGA sensibly changed the look of “Blue Justice” into one that fans have long been familiar with. It was important to please fans to get a core audience to the theaters to see Sonicsomething that The Super Mario Bros. Movie could learn from following the reaction to Chris Pratt’s disappointing Mario voice.

Both Sonic movies are also great examples of balancing the long history of a popular video game franchise with narrative stories accessible to new audiences. The Sonic hit movies are simple adventures that are easy to follow, which is important since a large portion of the franchise’s target audience is families. Jim Carrey’s casting as Dr. Robotnik and the introduction of human characters like James Marsden’s Tom Wachowski was also a smart decision that allowed Sonic to inhabit the real world, rather than just adventure into Sonic’s video game zones that not everyone knows about. But instead of being purely for kids, the movies still offer a lot for Sonic Going deep into video game lore, fans will feature several exciting Easter Eggs and introduce beloved characters such as Idris Elba’s Knuckles and Colleen O’Shaughnessey’s Tails.

How much Sonic 3 could earn at the box office

if Sonic 3 follows the trend of Sonic 2 perform better than Sonic at the box office, it could be the first video game movie ever to earn $500 million. Despite being financially successful, the first two films likely did not reach their potential due to theater closures due to COVID-19. Without that hindrance, Sonic 3 should be expected to outperform both others Sonic movies. The biggest challenge that Sonic 3 faces is its planned release date, December 20, 2024, putting it in competition with avatar 3. James Cameron’s Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time, and its sequels are likely to gross billions and could be a part of the Sonic 3the potential audience. Nevertheless, the Sonic franchise has proved popular worldwide and the target audience is arguably different from: Avatarso it should still be the biggest blockbuster yet for the fast hedgehog.

What else we know about Sonic 3

Sonic the hedgehog 2The ending saw Sonic, Knuckles and Tails become a fully formed team that will work together in future movies. The biggest problem that Sonic 3 will have to navigate replaces Blue Blur’s main villain, Dr. Robotnik, as Jim Carrey announced he’s quitting acting after Sonic 2. Fortunately, the post-credit scene of Sonic 2 established video game favorite Shadow the Hedgehog as the next villain for Sonic and his friends to battle. Knuckles’ upcoming spin-off show, due out in 2023, could also lay the groundwork for more SEGA video game heroes and villains in Sonic the hedgehog 3.

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