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Smile Producers To Adapt Gory YA Slasher Clown in a Cornfield

The producers behind the 2022 horror hit Smile have teamed up again for an adaptation of Adam Cesare’s young adult slasher novel Clown in a Cornfield.

The producers of the horror hit from 2022 Smile working together on an adaptation of the young adult slasher novel Clown in a cornfield. Smile is an original horror film from the first feature film director Parker Finn, starring Sosie Bacon as a woman who is haunted by an entity who appears as several smiling people. It has been one of the many horror films that have achieved huge success this year. It opened at No. 1 on September 20 with a solid weekend of $22.6 million and experienced the lowest Week 2 drop for a horror film since Out in 2017. It continued to dominate the charts throughout October.


Clown in the cornfieldwhich was written by Adam Cesare (the author of several adult horror novels and a story in the Adventure Time comics) and published in 2020, has enjoyed similar success. The novel follows its teenage protagonist Quinn Maybrook to the small town of Kettle Springs, Missouri, where the local teens are ravaged by murderers dressed as the town de facto mascot Frendo the Clown at a Founder’s Day party. The gory, relentless approach earned the book many fans, and a sequel – Clown in a cornfield 2: Frendo is alive – was released earlier this year, with a third part on the way.

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Per Deadline, Clown in a cornfield is officially getting a feature film adaptation from Temple Hill Entertainment, the team of producers behind movies like Smile and The Twilight Saga. They have already been posted Tucker and Dale vs. evil director Eli Craig at the helm. He is directing from a screenplay by Carter Blanchard, who previously did uncredited work on the screenplay for Independence Day: Resurgence.

Who could star in a clown in a cornfield?

To make Clown in a cornfield That’s right, it takes a large ensemble of teenage actors. It will be especially important for the protagonists to have the skill to anchor an intense and emotional story, so it’s probably lucky for the producers that the production will end in the final season of Weird stuff by the time they are ready to cast. While it would be unwise to hand over as many cast members from the hit Netflix series as possible, some well-placed cast members could be perfect as headliners for the new horror property.

A tempting prospect from that cast to play Quinn Maybrook’s character is Sadie Sink, who previously proved her slasher chops in 2021’s Fear Street, Part Two: 1978. However, there is a whole bunch of other teenage talent that could show off their horror chops in Clown in a cornfield. These could be stars like Dallas Dupree Young and Tanner Buchanan from Netflix’s other recent hit Cobra Kai or even Euphoria alums Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi. It will be interesting to see which young stars board this new spooky franchise.

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Source: Deadline

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