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Scream Star David Arquette Teases Dewey’s Possible Franchise Return

scream star David Arquette is teasing a possible franchise return for Dewey Riley in the future after the character’s apparent death in the most recent episode. Arquette’s Dewey was first introduced in Wes Craven’s 1996 original and became a staple of the franchise’s films. The goofy cop teams up with Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) to expose a number of different Ghostface killers, and he and Gale eventually develop a relationship. Dewey last returned this year screamthe fifth film in the franchise, which received strong reviews from fans and critics alike.


Original Franchise Director Wes Craven Died in 2015 Making 2011’s Shout 4 his last entry in the franchise. 2022’s scream brought on Ready or not directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and, in addition to bringing Sidney, Gale and Dewey back, introduced a handful of new characters to help move the story forward. However, in a shocking moment, Dewey chooses to face the Ghostface killer alone and is brutally murdered in the process. With Arquette’s Dewey seemingly dead and Campbell not back for shout 6 Due to a salary dispute, Cox’s Gale will be the only original character to return in the upcoming episode, which is expected to be released next spring.

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In a recent interview with ComicBookMovie, David Arquette discusses Dewey’s brutal ending and what it’s like to see the franchise continue without him. As final as Dewey’s death was, the star teases that the nature of the horror genre means the door may still be open for a return. Check out Arquette’s full commentary below:

“I know, it was really sweet to see the reaction from the fans. It was hard. It was a project that I really loved being a part of. They went out to do number six and I was like, ‘Oh , Okay…’ [Laughs] It is difficult. It’s something that’s very close to my heart, but I love how they handled it. I think my character played a really good part in Scream 5 and had a lot to do. That was really fun. We will see…

“Who knows, anything is possible. I mean, how many movies have Jason or Mike Myers been in? Not that Dewey is a killer, but there’s a back-to-life element to these horror movies.”

Would Dewey’s return be a good thing for the Scream franchise?

Dewey has been a mainstay of the franchise since the first scream film and continue without him will definitely be a great adaptation for longtime fans. Not back with Sidney either shout 6, the film will in many ways mark the end of an era. Despite Dewey’s impact on the franchise, bringing him back after what was a horrifying but emotionally satisfying broadcast would eventually destroy the character and all of them. screamm movies move forward.

Bringing back Dewey wouldn’t just take away his strong redemptive character arc in 2022 scream, but it would also make future character deaths less impactful. While they often joke about the horror genre and maintain a dark sense of humor, scream movies tend to treat main character deaths as fairly definitive. That said, Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby has been confirmed to return in shout 6 after being stabbed several times shout 4, so maybe from Dewey? scream return is not excluded.

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Source: ComicBookMovie



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