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School For Good & Evil 2 Plans Revealed By Netflix Movie Director

The school for good and evil 2 is teased by director Paul Feig. Based on Soman Chainani’s best-selling novel series, The school for good and evil was adapted as a movie for Netflix based on a script written by David Magee. Starring an array of top Hollywood talent, including Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne and Peter Serafinowicz, The school for good and evil follows friends and social outcasts Agatha (Sofia Wylie) and Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) as they discover a magical fantasy realm that teaches the next generation both good and evil from fairy tales.


The school for good and evil ends with a big cliffhanger. Throughout the film, Agatha (Wylie) and Sophie (Caruso) are in a fight with themselves as they are separated and Agatha is taken to the School for Good (the “Evers”) and Sophie to the Evil (the “Nevers”). However, the pair reunite and decide that they must escape and defeat the antagonist Rafal (Kit Young). While everything goes according to plan and they take out Rafal, the duo narrowly escape to their own world and must live separately from their newfound friends. However, their future is threatened when Tedros (Jamie Flatters) pierces the vortex between worlds and opens a gate between the two. The narrator, played by Cate Blanchett, announces: “This was just the beginning,leading viewers to believe a sequel is in the works.

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Now, in a new interview with Weekly entertainmentFeig teases his ideas for a The school for good and evil 2. Feig admits he couldn’t possibly cram everything from the first novel into the first movie, but wants to continue the story as it is in the books. Check out what Feig has to say about a possible sequel below:

“The goal is definitely for this to be a franchise‚Ķ That’s the plan for the future, just take all the material from these books and hopefully make it a franchise. We love the characters, love the world. The books are super fun and very close.”

What could School For Good & Evil 2 be about?

Happy, The school for good and evil 2 has a lot of resource material to explore as the story spans 6 books. Based on Feig’s answer, it looks like the plot will continue to unfold as it did in the second novel. However, the film’s conclusion changes the story, with Tedros opening the gate between worlds instead of Agatha, who opens it in the second book in the series. titled, The school of good and evil #2: a world without princes, the book sees Agatha and Sophie return to their ‘normal’ lives at home, but Agatha deeply regrets how her ‘happy ending’ turned out.

However, it makes sense for The school for good and evil 2 to investigate the duo’s disdain for their “normal” lives in Gavaldon and explain why they want to return to the mystical land of Good and Evil. The novel sees the fantasy world change completely – with unlikely friendships between witches and princesses, and wizards and princes. The sequel would likely continue Tedros and Agatha’s romance, and perhaps that will bring the pair back to the fantasy world. Either way, an evil force is brewing, and Sophie and Agatha must team up again to prevent them from tearing down the magical world they brought down at home. Hopefully fans will soon have more answers to the question of whether their story will continue as long as possible The school for good and evil 2.

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Source: EW



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