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Sarah Grey Is Haunted By Her Mother In The Accursed [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

BADpi presents an exclusive clip from The Accursed, a new horror film starring Sarah Gray as a young woman unable to escape cursed visions.

screen frenzy may exclusively present a clip from the upcoming movie the cursed, a terrifying story that makes excellent use of practical effects. The Screen Media production, which will appear in select theaters and On Demand on October 14, centers on a young woman returning home after her mother’s death. To escape the guilt she feels, she accepts a job from her boyfriend to care for an elderly comatose woman who lives in a remote cabin. Soon, neither the cabin in the woods nor the sleeping old lady seem as harmless as they once appeared, with demonic powers all around them.


the cursed is directed by Kevin Lewis (who also helmed the critically acclaimed Nic Cage horror comedy last year Willy’s Wonderland) from a screenplay by Rob Kennedy. The chilling story stars a talented cast composed mostly of women, including Mena Suvari (the american pie franchise), Sarah Gray (Power Rangers and The order), Meg Foster (They Live) and Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect). Checking out screen frenzyexclusive clip below:

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In screen frenzy‘s exclusive clip from the cursed, Elly (Grey) can be seen alone in her house at night. Her dead mother’s angry voice calls to her, immediately indicating that something is wrong. Elly makes her way through the dark house despite being terrified, but what she sees when she turns on the light is even worse. Her mother’s body hangs on the door, scolding her daughter for leaving her alone in her time of need and also points the finger at one Mrs. Dudley. The screams of both mother and daughter are horrifying to watch.

The cursed makes you question reality

Elly’s mother may blame her in her visions, but the cursed‘s story clearly knows that the blame is not on her. When the comatose nature of Meg Foster comes into play, dreams begin to fade with reality and a demonic presence reveals itself that wants to prey on her childhood. How much the character of Mena Suvari, who sent Elly to the booth, knows is certainly one of the questions the audience will wonder as they step into an intense nightmare made even more exciting by practical effects and fears.

the cursed comes from Screen Media, a movie distribution company that provides quality entertainment in the US and Canada. Some of their recent releases include: Monstrous starring Christina Ricci and Naked Singularity starring John Boyega. the cursed has a running time of 96 minutes and has not yet been rated.

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the cursed arrives in select theaters and On Demand on October 14.

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