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Ryan Reynolds Reveals It Was Hugh Jackman’s Idea to Return as Wolverine

Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, reveals that it was originally Hugh Jackman’s idea to return as Wolverine on the upcoming MCU team, Deadpool 3.

Actor Ryan Reynolds recently revealed that it was Hugh Jackman’s idea to return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Starting in 2000 with X-MenJackman portrayed the adamantium-clawed mutant in every 20th Century Studios X-Men movie, except 2019 Dark Phoenix. As one of the more popular X-Men characters, he got three Wolverine-centric spin-off movies. Although the movies didn’t start well with the much-maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the glutton fared better with critics and audiences, leading to logan, the most positively received X-Men movie throughout the franchise.


Logan was supposed to be Jackman’s final appearance in the role, but in September, Reynolds announced that Jackman will officially return as Wolverine in Deadpool’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, Deadpool 3. The news has caused the hype surrounding the upcoming film to skyrocket as there is much speculation about how Jackman will return to the role. Although the two actors and real friends released a recent video that humorously reveals Deadpool 3‘s plot and the long-awaited superhero team up, details about the X-Men star’s return and various canon issues remain secret.

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In a recent interview with ColliderReynolds revealed it was Jackman’s idea to return to Wolverine in Deadpool 3. The Deadpool star explained that he originally pitched a Deadpool-Wolverine MCU movie after the Disney/Fox merger, but was turned down by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. Reynolds admitted, however, that it was Jackman who called him and initiated his return. Read what the actor said below:

“I think you’re giving me too much credit. I don’t believe I’m responsible for Hugh’s return. I always wanted Hugh to come back. My first meeting with Kevin Feige when Disney bought Fox years ago, maybe three years ago , or three and a half, four years ago, I’m not sure, it was about making a movie just the two of us, a Deadpool Wolverine movie. And that wasn’t possible then. And then Hugh Bell happened on that perfect moment and say he would be interested in coming back and doing this again And the contents of that conversation I will let Hugh know because I know it is inevitable that you and Hugh will talk I “I’m sure. I’ll let Hugh answer that himself. But he showed interest in coming back, and then it was my job to take that one more time to Kevin Feige and sell it.”

Everything we know about Deadpool 3 and the return of Wolverine

Unfortunately, not much is known about Jackman’s return as Wolverine. The Australian actor teased that Deadpool 3 will feature an angrier and grumpier Wolverine than all other previous performances. Logan’s no-nonsense temperament will be in stark contrast to Deadpool’s carefree demeanor and quick-fire jokes, setting the two up for some verbal firecrackers emanating from their opposing personalities.

Aside from what is sure to be a witty back and forth between the two, Jackman also implies that the two at some point in the Deadpool 3, possibly hinting at a brutal fight where Wolverine takes advantage of Deadpool’s advanced healing factor by cutting him to pieces. As with most buddy cop stories, two characters with contrasting personalities spend half the story punching before finally teaming up against the story’s real villain. Who the antagonist of the upcoming film is remains to be seen. Either way, audiences will have to be patient to finally see how the two popular Marvel heroes work together as Deadpool 3 will premiere on November 8, 2024.

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Source: Collider

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