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Ryan Reynolds Joins Tumblr With The Perfect Deadpool Gifset

Ryan Reynolds has joined Tumblr, seemingly in response to Twitter’s mass exodus, and he announced his debut with the perfect Deadpool GIFs.

Ryan Reynolds joins Tumblr through the perfect . to place Deadpool gif set. Known since 2016 for his role as the wisecracking Marvel character Deadpool, Reynolds is known for his active and humorous online presence on Twitter and Instagram. Tumblr, a website where users can post multimedia in short blog form, has gained popularity again in recent years, and now people are leaving Twitter after Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform.


Disney recently confirmed Deadpool 3 is currently in development after two highly successful episodes of the Deadpool franchise were produced under Twentieth Century Fox. The company was recently acquired by Disney, meaning the upcoming Deadpool the sequel will be the first to be officially part of the MCU, and audiences have been eager to imagine possible crossovers between other Marvel characters and Deadpool. Reynolds returns as the title character, actively promoting the project online and the recent announcement that Hugh Jackman would be returning, as Wolverine has only skyrocketed anticipation.

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utilities, Reynolds joined Tumblr with a hilarious first post. He just wrote the message “Oh hello, Tumblr” under two animated images from the first one Deadpool movie in which his character jokes with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who is busy with her phone, “Oh no, stop posting your Ryan Reynolds fanfiction. There you go, reblog it.” The quote is a perfect reference to the type activity that Tumblr is known for, with lots of fan-created content. Other users comment in the comment section expressing their surprise and joy at finding the actor on the platform and welcoming him to Tumblr.

What to expect from Ryan Reynolds’ return in Deadpool 3

Gradually, more and more details are released about the upcoming Deadpool 3 storyline. Writers have promised that Reynolds will keep his edgy and irreverent humor while teasing some plot details, but the biggest reveal has undoubtedly been Jackman’s involvement. Reynolds will return as Deadpool alongside Jackman’s Wolverine in the upcoming film, reportedly in a road trip comedy-esque plot. Since the announcement, both Reynolds and Jackman have used social media to advertise and tease Deadpool 3 updates for Marvel fans.

While the actor is still active on his other social media accounts, the move to Tumblr comes as Twitter is undergoing controversial changes since its acquisition by Musk. While Reynolds has not commented on the discord surrounding the social network, his new Tumblr account could either be a statement against Twitter’s new direction or a subtle step toward a more forgiving social media platform. The new Deadpool film is slated for release in 2024. It remains to be seen what kind of content Reynolds will put on the media-based platform and since there is no doubt that the funny actor will bring plenty of laughs on his new platform, Marvel fans should Tumblr should check for any inside scoops from Reynolds regarding: Deadpool 3.

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