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Rosaline Cast & Character Guide

Hulu’s Romantic Comedy Rosaline has a diverse and talented cast of familiar faces. Directed by Karen Maine, Rosaline is based on When you were mineRebecca Serle’s Young Adult Novel, Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Although Serle’s novel is set in modern-day California, screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber Rosaline‘s story in the Renaissance era Verona, Italy.

Rosaline focuses on Rosaline Capulet, a minor character in Shakespeare’s original play. Feeling abandoned after her boyfriend Romeo falls in love with Juliet, Rosaline hatches a plan to separate the two lovebirds. The film was praised for its fresh and funny take on a classic work of literature, with praise for the cast, most notably Kaitlyn Dever as Rosaline. Here are the cast and characters of Rosalineexplained.


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Kaitlyn Dever as Rosaline

Kaitlyn Dever plays Rosaline, an ambitious lady and aspiring cartographer from the Capulet house. Before the events of Rosaline, she secretly sees Romeo, but things change when Romeo falls in love with Juliet at the Capulets’ masquerade ball. Dever is best known for her role as Amy in smart bookalthough she also previously starred in Last Man Standing, unbelievableand Dopessick. She is next seen in the romantic comedy Julia Roberts/George Clooney Ticket to paradise.

Isabela Merced as Julia Capulet

Isabela Merced plays Juliet, Rosaline’s cousin and rival to Romeo’s affections. Merced is best known for playing Dora in Dora and the Lost City of Golda live-action film adaptation of Dora the scout. She has also had roles in Transformers: The Lost Knight, Sicario: The Day of the Soldado, Immediate familyand the Netflix teen rom-com Let it Snow. Merced can be seen next Turtles all the way downan adaptation of John Green’s book of the same name, and is currently filming the Marvel movie Madame Web.

Kyle Allen as Romeo

Kyle Allen plays Romeo, a member of Montague’s house and Rosaline’s former love interest. Romeo soon falls in love with Juliet and plans to run away with her. Kyle Allen was previously known for his roles in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, The path, The card of little perfect things, The biggest beer run everand Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story redo.

Sean Teale as Dario

Sean Teale plays Dario, a naval soldier who is romantically interested in Rosaline. Teale is best known for his roles as Louis de Condé in Management and Nick Levan in Hidesalthough he can also be seen in the X-Men spin-off the gifted as Marcus Diaz/Eclipse and Voltron: Legendary Defenders as the voice of King Alfor.

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Supporting roles and characters of Rosaline

Spencer Stevenson as Paris: Spencer Stevenson plays Paris, an earl and Rosaline’s best friend. Stevenson previously starred in roll, mindhunterand the television adaptation of The robbery.

Christopher McDonald as Lord Capulet: Christopher McDonald plays Lord Capulet, Julia’s father. McDonald is best known for playing the villain Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore. His previous projects also include: Thelma & Louise, Boardwalk Empire, Accusation: American Crime Storyand hacking.

Mercedes Colon as Lady Capulet: Mercedes Colon plays Lady Capulet, Julia’s mother. Colon can also be seen as the mother of Kat in EuphoriaMargo Velzaquez in The Fostersthe recurring character Freda Alonso in Jane the Virgin and Senator Morales in Diary of a future president.

Minnie Driver as Nurse Janet: Minnie Driver plays Sister Janet, a personal servant who accompanies Rosaline. Driver is best known for: Grosse Pointe Blankwith the voice of Jane Porter in Tarzanand her Oscar-nominated role as Skylar Satenstein in Good Will Hunting.

Bradley Whitford as Adrian Capulet: Bradley Whitford plays Adrian Capulet, Rosaline’s father. Whitford is best known for his role as Josh Lyman in The West WingEric Gordon in Billy MadisonDean Armitage in Outand Commander Joseph Lawrence in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Nicholas Rowe as Lord Montague: Nicholas Rowe plays Lord Montague, Romeo’s father. Rowe’s previous roles have included Jock Colville in The crown season 1, George Washington in Washingtonand Jost Winteler in Genius.

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Valentina Carnelutti as Lady Montague: Valentina Carnelutti plays Lady Montague, Romeo’s mother. Carnelutti has previously appeared in a number of Italian TV series and movies such as like a freak, marginsand 5 minutes fine.

Alistair Toovey as Tybalt: Alistair Toovey plays Tybalt, a hothead of the Capulet family. He has acted in the BBC crime drama silent witnessthe miniseries Tutu and has voiced characters in the video game Horizon Forbidden West.

Nico Hiraga as Steve the Courier: Nico Hiraga plays Steve, a postman who delivers letters around Verona. Hiraga has also been featured in projects such as the teen comedy smart book, moxie, skate kitchenand ballers. He can be seen here in the HBO series the idol.

Alhaji Fofana as Benvolio: Alhaji Fofana plays Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin. Fofana previously starred in Slaughterhouse Rulez, The IT crowdand See how they walk.

Henry Hunter Hall as Mercutio: Henry Hunter Hall plays Mercutio, Romeo’s friend. His previous roles include: when they see us, huntersand The viewer.

Lew Temple as Mr. Danieli: Lew Temple plays Mr. Danieli, one of Adrian Capulet’s potential candidates for Rosaline. Temple is best known for his roles as Axel in The living Dead and Cal in the movie Waitress.

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