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Rachel Zegler Defends New Snow White Against Jokes About Being PC

Rachel Zegler defends her new snow white movie after sales makes fun of it being a pc. Walt Disney Pictures has established themselves as the kings who bring princesses to life on screen, and with that comes the responsibility to show them in a positive light. The Disney princess line was founded in 2000 with the aim of giving little girls a range of role models to look up to. Since then, the franchise has been seen as very divisive among consumers. While some see it as Disney celebrating their long history and giving a younger audience a grand introduction to these enduring characters, others see it as nothing more than a money grab from the mighty studio.


The Disney princesses have seen a major revival, mainly due to Disney’s current trend of turning their animated classics into live-action feature films. With this came a new goal of being more open minded. Upcoming movies like The little Mermaid strive for a more inclusive cast, while the new snow white film hopes to retell the story for a modern audience. While production is on snow white Already completed, there are those who continue to mock the production for attempting to be forward-thinking, especially after a series of influential decisions led to the film being changed to be more accessible to today’s audiences.

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Now it seems snow white star Zegler has just about had enough of the various reactions the film has received. Sitting with Vanity FairZegler speaks out against the “jokesthat were made about the new creative direction of the film. One of the things she has had to deal with is the fact that she was cast despite being of Colombian descent, which resulted in numerous questions about her skin color, which she calls “bizarre.“In addition, she also goes into the more of the film”pcapproach by indicating how necessary it is:

People make these jokes that ours is the PC Snow White, where it is, yes it is – because it needed it. It’s an 85-year-old cartoon, and our version is a refreshing story about a young woman who has a job beyond ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’.

Why The Live-Action Snow White’s Changes Are Good

Zegler makes a good point snow white‘s new direction; although the original film will forever remain a classic, it is still a product of its time. When people speak positively of the film, the Dwarves or the Evil Queen are considered standout characters, while Snow White herself is barely remembered outside of her role in the plot, over which she has little control. When it comes to setting a positive example for young girls, Disney’s original princess is often considered the example of what not to do in today’s animated films, so updating the main character with the times is absolutely warranted.

Additionally, the cast of Zegler as Snow White is reportedly not the only change made to this live-action adaptation. After very public criticism from Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage regarding the depiction of dwarfs in the original, Disney released a statement claiming it took a very different approach to the seven characters who, emphatically, no longer feature Snow White in the film’s title. It remains to be seen whether these changes will be received in the way the filmmakers hope the snow white In any case, the team’s focus on updating the animated predecessor to the film is certainly a good thing.

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Source: Vanity Fair



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