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Pierce Brosnan Addresses Potential Mamma Mia 3 Return

Pierce Brosnan Reveals He’s Open To Returning For Mamma Mia 3. Inspired by the music of the band ABBA, Mama Mia! was an instant hit when it was first released in 2008, captivating audiences with its feel-good story and all-star cast. Located on the beautiful fictional Greek island of Kalokairi, Mama Mia! tells the story of Sophie, a young woman who searches for her father’s identity days before her wedding.

Led by Meryl Streep who stars as Donna Sheridan, Mama Mia! also saw Amanda Seyfried, Dominic Cooper, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Stellan Skarsgård, Colin Firth and Brosnan star in this all-singing, dancing hit. 10 years later, audiences rejoiced when the entire cast returned for the highly anticipated sequel, Mama Mia! Here we go againwho welcomed Cinderella star Lily James to the cast as young Donna. After receiving as warm a reception from the public as its predecessor, it wasn’t long before discussions about a third installment started to gain traction. Mamma Mia 3 was initially announced in 2020, although no news has emerged about the project since then, leading many to believe it was unfortunately canned. Now Brosnan has shared an exciting update, as well as his thoughts on returning.


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While appearing on Good morning America to discuss his latest project black Adam, Brosnan was asked if he would be interested in returning as Sam Carmichael in Mamma Mia 3 to which he responded incredibly positively. The actor confirmed he would be making another sequel and reminisced about his time filming mommy Mia 1 & 2 parts how it was”criminal“how much fun they had on set. Brosnan then teased the audience by revealing that he’s sure there are”some plans“in the making for Mamma Mia 3. Check out Brosnan’s quote below.

I’m in. Secure. It’s criminal how much fun you have with that movie. I think everyone would participate. I’m sure there are plans.

Brosnan isn’t the only star who wants Mamma Mia 3 to happen

Brosnan is certainly not alone when it comes to his eagerness to return. In the years that followed Mama Mia 2, the cast has been repeatedly asked to reprise their roles. Firth previously stated that he would love to return to reunite with his castmates, while James also shared that she is desperate to Mamma Mia 3 a reality. Baranski, Skarsgård and Cooper have each also stated that they would be open to returning, with many echoing Brosnan’s feelings about returning to the beautiful island location of the films.

As Brosnan now joins the growing number Mama Mia!cast of the ensemble eager to reprise their roles, many will probably hope this will finally get the ball rolling Mamma Mia 3. While Brosnan’s eagerness to return is exciting enough in its own right, it’s also interesting to hear that the actor is certain something is in the works behind the scenes, although for now the public can hope for something more concrete in the near future. will bring news. And as 2021 has brought new music from ABBA, now certainly seems like a better time than ever to head back to Kalokairi for one last time.

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