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Original Oldboy Director Wants To Helm A James Bond Movie

While the future of the franchise remains undetermined, original old boy Director Park Chan-wook throws his hat in the ring for a new one James Bond movie. Chan-wook rose to fame with his work on what is now known as The Vengeance Trilogy, consisting of: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, old boy and Lady Vengeanceas well as the 2009 horror movie Thirst and the psychological thriller of 2016 the maidservant. The acclaimed South Korean filmmaker would make his English-language debut with 2013’s stoker before going on to produce Bong Joon-ho’s critically acclaimed snow piercer AMC and BBC One’s film and direct and executive production The Little Drummer Girl miniseries.


The James Bond franchise has had 60 largely successful years on screen since launching with the Sean Connery-led dr. no and with seven different actors in the role. The most recent to be nicknamed 007 was that of Daniel Craig, who had carried the role for 15 years and five films and was the first to have a happy ending as No time to die killed Craig’s Bond with his explosive closing act. With a year gone by since its last chapter, the public is beginning to look at what the future may hold for the James Bond franchise, namely who should be the next star, but one director is eager to take part in the world-traveling adventures.

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In a recent interview with DeadlinePark Chan-wook opened up about how the James Bond franchise was a major influence on his film career. When asked if he would like to direct a movie in the series, the old boy director stated that itwould be niceBut the noted audience may not be as interested in his take on the franchise as he would. See what Chan-wook said below:

Yes, that would be fun. But I’m not sure if the people watching it would have as much fun making the film as I did. Those of you who saw my last movie may find this hard to believe, but I think it all started with a Bond movie. I was in primary school at the time. I think maybe it was moonrakerbut it was definitely a Roger Moore [one]. I was really absorbed in the movie and I liked imagining different stories of it in my head when I was home alone.

At the time, Korea was a military totalitarian society, so they didn’t let everyone, or just certain people, travel outside the country. That, I think, is why I especially enjoyed introducing myself in an exotic place, interacting with different races of people and having fun adventures. So those crazy traps and weapons made with special technology and effects and the ingenious ways to escape them, I had very detailed, imaginative stories in my head of how that would happen. It went into so much detail that I also imagined the placement of the camera or the movement of the camera to film those situations. And I think that was my first storyboard in my head, even though I didn’t draw them out.

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Why old boy‘s Park Chan-wook is perfect for James Bond

While his typical genres may not align with the long-running film series, Chan-wook’s adoration for the James Bond franchise would make him perfect for making a new movie for it at some point in the future. His underlining of Roger Moore’s moonraker as a memorable one for him, some fans of the series may be divided, given Moore’s tenure as James Bond was met with largely mixed reviews. However, given the old boy director is better known for his dark sense of humor and works in the psychological thriller genre, it seems unlikely that Chan-wook would turn to the campy character of the Moore bond movies he was allowed to get his hands on the property.

Another major reason Chan-wook would be perfect for a new one James Bond film is his keen sense for directing stylish, yet grounded action scenes. old boyThe hallway hallway scene is still one of the most iconic scenes nearly a decade later and has inspired everything from a fight in daredevil season 1 of the recent action beat-em-up video game, sifu. While the public waits for a message on who will be next at the helm of a James Bond movie, they can catch up to the most recent chapter, No time to diestreaming now on Prime Video.

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