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Original Deadpool Villain Actor Addresses Possible Deadpool 3 Return

Ed Skrein, who played the villain Ajax in the first Deadpool film opens about his possible return in Deadpool 3. Led by Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool The franchise centers on Wade Wilson, the ‘Merc with the Mouth’, a trained fighter with superhuman healing abilities as a result of an experiment that left him disfigured. Although Reynolds originally played the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, his first turn in the role was poorly received due to the film’s decision to silence the usually chatty character. After being stuck in the script’s development for a long time, largely because of the script’s unabashed R rating, Deadpool finally came to theaters in 2016, to critical and commercial success.


In deadpool, the titular antihero goes after the research facility that left him disfigured, and comes up against the sadistic lab assistant who contributed to the project, Francis Freeman (Ed Skrein). Also called Ajax, the Deadpool villain was responsible for both giving his powers to Wade and ruining his life, adding a tense, personal dynamic to their fights in the film. Ajax was eventually killed by Deadpool after revealing that the cure Wade sought didn’t really exist.

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While speaking with, Skrein spoke about his potential return Deadpool 3. The Ajax actor revealed that he would like to return to the franchise if possible, but added in a heartwarming manner that he is simply grateful that he was part of the films in the first place. Check out what he had to say below:

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“Listen, I’ve got all the comics where he comes back with the suit, the things flying out, the teeth and the eyes, and everything. I think he ends up being strangled by Deadpool at the bottom of a river to really die. This one. things are…it was a privilege to be a part of number one dude i would be so happy to leave it as it is it would be the happiest ever just to move on and i would be super happy to go back it’s all love and it’s all good they have a great team between hugh ryan and shawn they have a great team i will be there in the first week with my popcorn and i will just be there as a fan. Even now I can see all my Deadpool comics and statues next to my Ninja Turtles and Mumm-Ras. Yes, I’ve mostly collected Deadpool and X-Men and Wolverine, since I was 10 years old. I’m in the first post a fan I didn’t even think about being in it When I saw that news I thought ‘That I s great! That’s really great for all of us.”

How can Ajax return for Deadpool 3?

In his touching response, Skrein offers his own strip-accurate pitch for Ajax’s return. Despite Wade hilariously shooting Ajax in the head during Colossus’ speech on mercy towards the end of deadpool, the two arch-rivals “kill” each other many times in the Marvel Comics, so there’s precedent for the character’s return. Skrein suggests that Ajax could come back with his suit from the comics, which was not present in the film. As for the circumstances of his return, due to his death at the hands of Deadpool, it would make sense that Ajax would come back to take revenge on the antihero, possibly also driven by his comic book motivation to track down and kill all surviving members of the Weapon X project. Although Skrein says he’s open to a return, he seems unsure of the possibility. Regardless, his glowing words about the franchise as a lifelong fan are touching.

Based on Skrein’s comments, it appears that the actor is unlikely to appear in Deadpool 3, but that does not necessarily mean that the door is closed to the future return of his character Ajax. And if Ajax’s death is confirmed to be permanent, Skrein may join the MCU in a new capacity, given his appreciation for comic media. The actor has previously expressed an interest in playing other Marvel Comics characters on screen, such as X-Men’s Fantomex. It’s unlikely Marvel will be casting that particular character anytime soon, but if Skrein were to earn another Marvel Cinematic Universe role, he’d be following in the footsteps of Josh Brolin, who played both Deadpool 2 antagonist Cable and the MCU’s biggest villain, Thanos.

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