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Olivia Wilde Gets Brutally Honest About Don’t Worry Darling Controversy

In a recent interview, second director Olivia Wilde gets candid about all the controversy surrounding her latest film Don’t Worry Darling.

don’t worry baby Director Olivia Wilde talks about the controversy surrounding her most recent project. The film stars Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Harry Styles and Wilde himself. The film is surrounded by gossip and alleged feuds between Wilde and Pugh on set. Set in the 1950s, don’t worry baby tells the story of Alice (Pugh) and Jack Chambers (Styles) and their seemingly perfect lives in an experimental utopian community called Victory. However, when cracks appear in the system, Alice begins to wonder what exactly she is doing there.


Since the start of the main photography, don’t worry baby has been awash with controversial rumors and speculation emanating from the set, including feuds, thrilling stars and love affairs. Not only that, but the film features spicy sex scenes, which also overshadowed the film’s story. The actor turned director has been at the center of the controversy and that has overshadowed the actual movie in favor of gossip.

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In a recent interview with Elle Magazine“Wilde became very candid about this whole experience. The second director says her life was turned upside down by public and media scrutiny, which was never what she signed up for when she started Don’t worry sweetie. The alleged feud between her and Pugh became such an interesting topic that Wilde feels people aren’t paying attention to what really matters. Check out her quote below:

“It’s shocking to see so many falsehoods about yourself being traded as fact. Florence had a very wise comment that we hadn’t signed up for a reality show. And I love that she says it like that, because it’s like the general public feels that if you make something that you sell to the public, you’ve somehow accepted that your life will be torn to shreds by a pack of wolves. No, that’s not actually part of the job description. Never wash.”

Did the Don’t Worry Darling Controversy Even Matter?

The controversy has taken the spotlight away from what really mattered: the movie itself. Wilde is rightly frustrated that her life has been shattered over things that shouldn’t even have been public news — not when she’s trying her best to get a female-led film off the ground for the second time in her life. Her alleged feud with Pugh also highlights a terrible fetish in our society when it pits women against each other, encouraging competition rather than partnership.

don’t worry baby had a strong start at the box office, raising a total of $39 million in its opening weekend in the United States. Reviews are starting to come in, but the audience still seems to be focused on all the gossip and the controversial sex scenes. Now with a worldwide release, the focus can shift to the actual movie rather than its production.

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Source: Elle Magazine

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