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Oakland man, 66, avoids jail time in federal ‘open air drug market’ case

OAKLAND β€” A 66-year-old man has evaded prison or prison in a case in which prosecutors wanted him behind bars for three years for helping run an “outdoor drug market” in the East Bay, court records show.

Terry Walker Sr., of Oakland, was sentenced Tuesday to time already served by U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. Walker pleaded guilty to federal charges related to selling crack cocaine, the records show. Walker spent about five days in jail between his arrest and the first court hearing, where he was released, records show.

Walker was one of 13 people arrested and 2019 charged running a drug market on the 200 block of Makin Road in East Oakland. In court documents, prosecutors described him as little more than a courier for Daniel James, the alleged ringleader of the drug ring and one of only two defendants yet to be convicted. Authorities say Walker was observed four times transporting drugs for James.

In court documents, Walker’s lawyer said that years ago, Walker intended to plead guilty and take responsibility, but serious health issues prevented this.

β€œHe has rejected all rationalizations for his behavior, openly admitted his wrongdoing from the day he was arrested in Hayward, California, and has squared off the pain and suffering he has caused and will cause to his family and the general community. eyes,” said Walker. attorneys wrote in a sentencing memo. “He regrets what he did and is trying to redeem himself.”

Of the other 10 defendants who pleaded guilty, one other did not receive an additional prison sentence. The rest have received prison sentences ranging from 20 months to 10 years, court records show.

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