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Now You See Me 3 Scores Venom & Uncharted Director

Now you see me 3 taps venom and not mapped director Ruben Fleischer to take on the Lionsgate sequel. Fleischer first became known for the surprising success of the horror comedy Zombieland; he also directed the 2021 sequel Zombieland: Double Tap. Fleischer has even joked about making a Zombieland 3. From there he was allowed to create projects with increasing scope and budget, which led to: venom, which raised $850 million worldwide, and not mapped, which raised more than $400 million worldwide earlier this year.


The Now you see me series follows a group of magicians, known as The Four Horsemen, who commit elaborate robberies. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, alongside Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher, who have each appeared in one film. although Now you see me 3 was announced in 2016, there have not been many updates on the project since 2020 when Now you see me 2 and Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu was still connected. The film has also gone through several writers, and the final version has been worked on by American crowds and Top Gun: Maverick writer Eric Warren Singer.

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utilities Deadline reports that Fleischer has been tapped to direct next Now you see me installment. Announced next to it is the news that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies writer Seth Grahame-Smith will tackle the next draft of the screenplay, led by Fleischer. The director responded with great enthusiasm to the announcement. Check out his quote below:

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“There are three things in this world that I absolutely adore… Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and magic. Getting the chance to work with these two talented actors, as well as the rest of the incredible cast of the Now you see me movies is a dream come true. I’m a lifelong fan of heist movies – I love to get sucked into the twists and turns and mystery where nothing is as it seems. And that’s even more true if the thieves are magicians – the possibilities are endless. Eric was able to unlock a fresh and exciting path to a new movie and fun new characters, so I’m excited to dig even further.”

What Ruben Fleischer can bring, you see me now

Whether it’s faithfully recreating action scenes for not mapped, or organizing the final of the fairground fights in zombieland, the director is great at balancing action with lighter, often comedic elements. Much of the fun derives from the Now you see me series comes from the magical set pieces, scenes with a very swift and erratic sense of action; The fight scene in Jack Wilder’s apartment using magic tricks in the first film, and the hidden card heist from the sequel are among the highlights. The marriage of Fleischer’s directing style with the tone of the Now you see me movies is almost a no-brainer.

Given the top stars he has worked with, the question is whether Fleischer will be able to recruit one of his former protagonists Tom Hardy or Tom Holland to join the Now you see me ensemble. Even if he can’t, Fleischer clearly has a great relationship with the stars Eisenberg and Harrelson, as not only has he collaborated with them in the Zombieland movies, he called them radiant in his director’s announcement. Their joy of working together will hopefully translate to magic on the screen and behind it Now you see me 3, and being another reason why Fleischer aboard the series is such a great decision.

Source: Deadline

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