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Noah Centineo’s Black Adam Set Injury Required Cutting Atom Smasher Suit

Noah Centineo shares the story of an injury he sustained while filming Black Adam, which led to him having his Atom Smasher suit cut open. The DC Extended Universe will finally introduce the public to Black Adam, the latest antihero ready to re-establish the hierarchy of the DC Universe as it stands today. Black Adam will see Dwayne Johnson as its titular hero, alongside a standout supporting cast that includes Pierce Brosnan, Viola Davis, Aldis Hodge and Quintessa Swindell.


Black Adam will investigate the origin of the iconic cartoon character, who is given the powers of the Egyptian gods through the sorcerer Shazam. In addition, the film will also make the debut of the Justice Society of America, led by Brosnan’s character Dr. Fate, a team of powerful superheroes related to the Justice League. The movie will see To all the boys I have loved before Actor Centineo stars as one of the members of the JSA, Atom Smasher, a hero who, in addition to having super strength, possesses the power to change his molecular structure, allowing him to change his size.

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As a promotion for Black Adam kicks into high gear, Centineo shared a story from the movie set during a recent appearance The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The actor opened up about one particular scene where he was cut from his form-fitting costume after dislocating his arm while trying to get a funny shot during an action sequence. Centineo then hilariously recalled how, after thirteen attempts to get his arm back in the socket, his excitement over fixing his arm caused him to dislocate it a second time. Check out Centineo’s full quote below.

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Fully clothed, everything covered, it’s 100 degrees outside of Atlanta, you know it’s humid. The skin is completely covered, which looks tough, but [it’s not] when doing wind sprints. So we run, we’ve done six takes and they say ‘shall we do another?’ and I’m like ‘yeah, why not? I am a game’ you [only] do this so many times in your life. So I run and I go ‘let’s make it funny this time let me try to make it funny’ so I run off the curb there’s a parked car I pretend to hit my knee on the parked car while I I’m running and I’m spinning like ‘argh!’ like ‘that hurts’ and my arm goes up and then dislocates, like completely unplugged and I’m like ‘it will go back in, hold on, hold on.’ It didn’t go in anymore. Now I’m like ‘wait a minute, stop stop stop.’ Keep in mind that the suit is tight, it fits like a glove and they say ‘what’s going on?’ and I’m like my arms out of socket so they go down and they try to get it back in and it won’t go in anymore so they have to cut the suit open. They open it up, they take it down and I sit there like ‘I can’t believe this is so funny.’ Thirteen tries later with one foot in my armpit and then some guy pushing from behind, it finally goes back in and I’m like ‘WOO! YES!’ throw my arms in the air like ‘IT WENT BACK IN!’ When my arm goes up in the air, it dislocates again. So they said ‘let’s try again’ and I was like ‘fire in the hole!’ and they got it a third time and it went back in and that was that.

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How important will Atom Smasher be to Black Adam’s story?

The full extent of Centineo’s role as Atom Smasher within the events of Black Adam remains somewhat of a mystery, but given his involvement in the promotion of the film, Atom Smasher is expected to play an important role. Ever since Black Adam will follow the JSA as they try to control this new antihero, the film’s director, Jaume Collet-Serra, recently discussed how Black Adam Centineo’s character will not be sure of his place within the JSA, while the actor himself also previously said the film will see Atom Smasher in a “transition phase.” Given this somewhat in-depth backstory for Centineo’s hero and confirmation that Atom Smasher appears in some action-packed scenes, his introduction to Black Adam’s anti-hero ways just might have an impact on this brewing internal conflict.

While it’s comforting to know that Centineo has now recovered from his injuries, it’s certainly nice to hear about the young actor’s antics on set, even if it’s sadly cost the wardrobe department a lot. While several teasers for Black Adam have shown that Atom Smasher is involved in what appears to be some incredibly exciting action sequences, it remains to be seen what kind of impact the character will have on Black Adamthe general story. Moving on, it’s reasonable to assume that Centineo will now be a little more cautious the next time he tries to get a funny shot.

Source: The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

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