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No, Barry Keoghan Wasn’t Playing Joker In The Batman

A cameo in The Batman and a released deleted scene made Barry Keoghan the next Joker, but that wasn’t the one he played in those scenes yet.

Barry Keoghan’s cameo is in the batter he didn’t play the Joker—at least, not yet. Keoghan is simply credited as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner” in the batter, with his identity in the film shrouded behind bars and shadows as he speaks to the Riddler through his cell door. In late March 2022, a deleted scene appeared from: the batter shows a more elaborated conversation between Keoghan and Robert Pattinson’s Batman. While Keoghan is still shrouded in secrecy, the scene reveals scars, acid-bleached skin, patches of green hair, and possible red lipstick stains. As hidden as his profile is, his hazy appearance and his dichotomy with Batman in the deleted scene still strongly imply that he will be the next Clown Prince of Crime.


Keoghan teases his Joker bow in a GQ interview, in which he stated that he would be happy to reprise his role as the Joker, despite the risk of being typecast. He states that it would be “awesome” until “bring it to life… and give you [his] version you haven’t seen yet.While neither the movie nor the deleted scene officially name Keoghan the Joker, Keoghan doesn’t refute any speculation that he will play the part in the Matt Reeves. Batman series. What his interview interestingly informs, however, is that his Joker can change significantly from what was shown in the movie and the deleted scene.

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The Batman 2 Could Completely Change Keoghan’s JokerJoker Smile Scars The Batman Barry Keoghan

All mentions of the new Joker are hints and implications in disguise, making The Batman 2 lots of freedom to further enhance the character. While this poses a risk of making Batman’s villains more interesting than Batman himself, what a Batman problem that both Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale mention requires a strong, clear interpretation of the Joker. Especially after Jared Leto’s infamous Joker appearance in suicide squad, Keoghan has a lot to prove.

It’s a worthy critique to note that Keoghan’s Joker was introduced just under three years after Joaquin Phoenix’ iteration of the character, making the role retaliation seem almost unnecessary. That being said, the batter is wisely a tonally different film that has made it possible to create a more interesting interpretation of its main villain, the Riddler. See how the Riddler is made, the batter set up his series to create an intriguing Joker that will keep him from feeling hounded and obligated to the franchise again.

Why Keoghan’s Joker Transformation Is So Exciting?

As Keoghan’s interview comments suggest, his character is in the batter is either the character before he fully becomes the Joker or a Joker from the Matt Reeves series that is still in the early stages of planning. That said, even if we look at Barry Keoghan’s quietly executed Joker rule of humanizing the character by preserving his natural blue eyes, there are positive signs that Keoghan’s iteration will transform the character in a way that still holds the core. of the Joker. The fact that his hints of a Joker are so captivating is good news for how fantastic his character could become. if the batterThe deleted scene is an indication, Keoghan’s pre-Joker performance shows that his fully realized version will be well-written, well-crafted, and just deep enough as a character to stray from making the Joker a cartoonish parody of himself.

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