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Nintendo Fans Brace Themselves For Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice Reveal

With the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer coming out on October 6, fans on social media are joking about how Chris Pratt will sound like Mario.

Nintendo fans brace themselves to hear Chris Pratt’s Mario voice in the new Super Mario Bros. trailer. The upcoming trailer will be released on October 6 and the movie is set to release on April 7, 2023. Many well-known actors feature these beloved Nintendo characters in this film, with Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black as Bowser and Anya Taylor Joy as Princess Peach. This animated movie will be the third Mario movie ever released, after the 1986 anime Super Mario Bros.: the grand mission to rescue Princess Peach! and the 1993 live action Super Mario Bros.


Given the poor reception of the 1993 live-action Mario movie, Nintendo was hesitant to make another Mario-based movie. But when Nintendo began working closely with Universal to develop the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, they became acquainted with the filmmakers at Universal Studios, particularly within Illuminations – the animation studio owned by Universal. Nintendo teamed up with both studios, and in 2018 Nintendo announced its plans to make a new Mario movie, with production set to start in 2020.

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With the trailer set to be released very soon, fans have taken to social media to joke about what Chris Pratt’s Mario voice will sound like in a series of tweets. Most jokes focus on whether Pratt will have a bad Italian accent or if the character will look like Chris Pratt himself. Check out an example of fan reactions below:

Chris Pratt’s Mario voice is revealed in the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer.

Until now, fans haven’t heard what Mario will sound like in Super Mario Bros. Many fans are concerned that the voice acting will not match Mario from the games or that Pratt will play a bad Italian accent during the film. While Pratt has previously acted the voice in Disney Pixar’s Forwardthis is the first time he’s taken on such a distinctive character, leaving many fans worried about how he’ll sound.

Given the history of Mario movies, fans hope Super Mario Bros. will not fall below the curve. Since Nintendo has teamed up with Illuminations and has many household names attached to the film, there is hope that the fan reception will be mostly positive as long as Pratt can maintain a good voice throughout the film. When the movie trailer is released, fans will no doubt have a lot to say about Mario’s voice and Pratt’s performance.

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