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Nightmare Before Christmas Sing-Along Version Added to Disney+

Disney+ has released a sing-along version of the Tim Burton-produced and Henry Selick-directed classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Disney+ has released a sing-along version of The nightmare Before Christmas. The original film, released on October 13, 1993, follows Halloween Town’s Pumpkin King and top enthusiast Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon), who seeks new thrills to take him out of his typical annual slog. In the end, he kidnaps Santa in the hopes of finding out what makes Christmas so magically popular.

Originally released under Disney’s more mature Touchstone Pictures label, Nightmare has become a holiday classic. The film has been fully embraced by Disney thanks to its revolutionary stop-motion animation, iconic characters and Danny Elfman’s score. Fans of the Tim Burton-produced and Henry Selick-directed classic can now sing along to their favorite classical music tracks in Nightmare thanks to the texts on the screen. With how iconic the songs have become, viewers may not even need to read the lyrics.


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This is the latest in Disney’s new Halloween-focused releases, which are part of Disney+’s “Hallowstream” series of old and new Halloween themed movies and TV shows. Other Hallowstream releases include the series premiere of supernatural, Hocus pocus 2and Under Wraps 2. A tweet from Disney shows the Halloween release schedule, including the Nightmare before Christmas sing along.

Will Disney ever make a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas?

With the release of Nightmare‘s sing-along edition also raises questions about a possible sequel. Director Henry Selick has talked about a Nightmare before Christmas sequel who recently said the film as a CGI is a non-starter for him. While a movie may not happen, Selick added that making Nnightmare-themed shorts is not discussed. He believes Tim Burton might be interested in the concept, especially if such a short film focuses on a day in the life of Jack Skellington’s ghostly dog ​​Zero.

Selick is coming from an extended hiatus as he hasn’t directed a movie since 2009 coralline. his new movie, Wendell and Wild, Starring Keegan-Michael Key and co-writer Jordan Peele, it focuses on two demon brothers who hope to return to the land of the living. In response to the film, critics welcomed Selick’s return and gave the film critical acclaim, with many praising the focus on visual and comedic craft. Perhaps Wendell and Wild and the release of this Nightmare sing-along can pay more attention to the idea of ​​creating new Nightmare before Christmas material.

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Source: Disney+/Twitter

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