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New Silent Hill Movie Confirmed By Game Developer Video

Konami confirms that a new Silent Hill movie – officially titled Return to Silent Hill – is in development by original director Christophe Gans.

After rumors of a reboot, Konami confirms a new one Silent Hill movie is officially in development. Konamis Silent Hill franchise began in 1999 with the survival horror video game of the same name, which follows writer Harry Mason as he searches for his adopted daughter in the titular city. With the first game widely regarded as one of the best ever made, subsequent sequels centered on various characters visiting the hellish town of Silent Hill, populated with monsters manifesting their fears.


After the huge success of the games, Silent Hill was made into a film in 2006 by writer/director Christophe Gans. While it received mostly negative reviews, those of 2006 Silent Hill contained some impressive footage that was enough to make it quite a blockbuster. It was followed by the 2012 sequel Silent Hill: Revelation, written and directed by MJ Bassett. The sequel was based on the Silent Hill 3 video game and received horrendous reviews, but still found some box office success. The film series was on hold for nearly a decade until earlier this year when Gans revealed he was working on a new film Silent Hill movie.

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utilities, Konami has confirmed that a new Silent Hill movie, officially titled Return to Silent Hill, is in development and the original director, Gans, is returning. In a teaser trailer revealing concept art for the film, Gans and producer Victor Hadida discussed their vision for the new film. Watch the video above.

What is Return To Silent Hill about?

The Return to Silent Hill teaser trailer reveals new movie will be based on Silent Hill 2 and will be more of a psychological horror story. The 2001 video game follows James Sunderland who searches for his late wife in Silent Hill after receiving a letter from her and eventually discovering the true nature of her death. For the new film, Hadida says the plan is to “make it modern, but also very true to the video game.” That’s why it seems likely Return to Silent Hill will follow a similar story, although the individual plot beats may differ.

The revelation that Return to Silent Hill will be based on Silent Hill 2 also indicates that the new movie will feature some well-known monsters, including the iconic Pyramid Head, which will be updated to be more modern. The town of Silent Hill has always been compared to the twilight zone, famous a place where anything can happen so it’s hard to predict exactly what Return to Silent Hill will be approximately. With Gans back on board, Silent Hill reboot should at least be able to recapture the aesthetic of the original.

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Source: Konami

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