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New Joker Tease Makes The Batman 2 Villain More Exciting

Since the credits first rolled in the batter, the audience wondered what the sequel would bring; however, a new Joker plague makes: The Batman 2 villain even more exciting. In Matt Reeves’ the batterBruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) took on the evil Riddler (Paul Dano). Despite the already overcrowded cast, which includes Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), and The Penguin (Colin Farrell), The Joker, played by Barry Keoghan, still managed to make a brief appearance. Between a short scene after the credits and some deleted footage, it was just enough for Batman’s infamous nemesis to shine and leave the audience wanting more.


In an interview with GQwhile discussing the batter, Barry Keoghan expressed his excitement at potentially reprising his role as the Joker and teased what the future might hold for him as a villain in movies. Mention that his Joker would be a version unlike anything the public has seen, and he would “like to show a little bow from him,developing his version of the character and making previous adaptations unique. The time is right, the opportunity is there, and The Batman 2 can fulfill Keoghan’s vision of bringing a tantalizing new take on DC’s most iconic characters.

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The Batman 2 Could Make Keoghan’s Joker Even Better

In the batterThe Joker’s screen time is kept short and put to good use. The Batman 2 already has enough to work with and can make the Joker even better. For the Riddler, Reeves apparently took inspiration from figures like The Zodiac Killer and movies like SE7EN. Looking for inspiration in media like Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and other notorious serial killers were able to build on Batman’s most notorious antagonist, while also playing to Keoghan’s strengths with a more cerebral take on the character. Like a villain, The Batmans The Riddler may have set the pace for the series, but the Joker can take it to new and unsettling heights.

Keoghan’s Joker Arc Can Really Make Him Different From Any Version

Actors like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix are challenging acts to follow, but The Batman 2 could provide the opportunity to make Keoghan’s Joker unique. After several movies where the Joker was played opposite Batman, it would be a unique and refreshing look for the Joker to work with him. The Batmans deleted Joker scene had already played him a role that mirrored Hannibal Lecter when he helped Batman understand the Riddler’s motives. The Batman 2 must continue to build on that strangely dynamic and complex relationship, with the Joker’s twisted insight becoming a necessary evil to understand Batman’s other villains. As tensions mount, the stakes rise and it becomes clear why Robert Pattinson’s Batman doesn’t want to risk the Joker’s escape; it delivers his worst nightmare in a future adaptation of Arkham Asylum: A Serious Home on Serious Earth. Plus, the Joker could really stand out if he was like the Riddler, a result of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s mistakes.

What made the batter memorable was the shocking discovery that Bruce’s family had connections to Gotham’s corrupt underworld. Building on the revelations in the first film, The Batman 2 could make for a very different and personal story that would give new context to the Joker’s existence as Bruce Wayne confronts his family’s legacy. the batter is still a film franchise in its infancy, but Keoghan’s tease about the return of the Joker is a promising prospect. Batman’s villains are usually the highlights of DC’s movies, and their actors make them iconic on the big screen. considering what? the batter did with Barry Keoghan’s Joker and what else is possible in The Batman 2it’s exciting to think about what comes next in the caped crusader story.

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