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New DCEU Crossover Supports Black Adam vs. Suicide Squad Theories

The Black Adam movie will feature at least two Suicide Squad-related characters, who hold theories about a Black Adam vs. Feeding the Suicide Squad crossover.

Agent Harcourt, who previously appeared in The Suicide Squad and peacekeeperreturns for black Adam fuel the idea of ​​a bigger crossover. A new official Black Adam promotional image reveals that Jennifer Holland will reprise her role as Emilia Harcourt in the upcoming DCEU movie, further confirming that Black Adam will have great ties to the rest of the universe. Between Amanda Waller and Agent Harcourt, Black Adam is already strongly linked to the Suicide Squad corner of the DCEU.


With Dwayne Johnson teasing that Black Adam will change the hierarchy of power in the DC universe, crossovers between Black Adam and other established DCEU characters will likely happen at some point. Considering how Black Adam join the events of both The Suicide Squad and peacekeeper Amanda Waller and Emilia Harcourt’s performances allow a Black Adam vs. Suicide Squad battle cannot be ruled out. In what form that would happen is hard to say, but given that the DCEU’s Black Adam will be more of an antihero than a villain, he would be the perfect adversary for the Suicide Squad.

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Why Black Adam vs. The Suicide Squad would be great for the DCEU

Next The Suicide SquadDespite the good reviews and the weak box office due to the pandemic, the Suicide Squad franchise needs some reinvention before it returns to the big screen. In reality, peacekeeper sees the end of the Task Force X that the public had seen in Suicide Squad (2016) and The Suicide Squadleaving the future of the Suicide Squad movies in the air. A black Adam vs. The Suicide Squad style movie would be an instant event movie as it would pair Black Adam with the most unusual group of adversaries possible.

Black Adam already tells a story about a group of superheroes, the JSA, who go up against Black Adam, but a Black Adam vs. The Suicide Squad story can still bring something else to the table. The fact that both Black Adam and Task Force X are far from traditional heroes makes it so that a Black Adam vs. The Suicide Squad could be unlike anything the DCEU has done so far, and it could even be a Rated-R movie.

Is Black Adam more powerful than the Suicide Squad?

Black Adam is far more powerful than any iteration of the Suicide Squad – and that’s what a potential Black Adam vs. Suicide Squad crossover so interesting. Some of the best comics related to the Suicide Squad feature Task Force X against heroes and villains more powerful than them, leading to highly creative combat and unpredictable results. For example, the Suicide Squad faced off against the Justice League in the 2017 comic book Justice League vs. Suicide Squadan unusual confrontation that will also take place in the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game.

For the change in the DCEU’s power hierarchy to take place, as teased by Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam will have to fight against other villains, heroes and anti-heroes. The Justice Society of America will be Black Adam’s first major opponent in the DCEU, but they probably won’t be the last. In the long list of DC characters who could fight Black Adam in a movie, the Suicide Squad is a strong contender, as Agent Harcourt and Amanda Waller Black Adam.

Black Adam will hit theaters on October 21.

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