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My Policeman: Cast & Character Guide

Switching back and forth between the 1950s and 1990s, my police officer is a heartbreaking LGBTQ+ story about forbidden love, hardship and forgiveness – here’s everything we know about the cast and characters. Based in Great Britain, my police officer follows a police officer named Tom, whose homosexual affair with a museum curator complicates his romantic relationship with a school teacher. With homosexuality against the law, Tom is split between steering cautiously and throwing caution to the wind to find love. According to early reviews, my police officer is a mixed bag when it comes to the LGBTQ+ themed drama, but the film nonetheless promises a scintillating historical mise-en-scene, great performances and memorable character beats.


As my police officer‘s storyline suggests, it revolves around three main characters: Tom, Marion and Patrick. The young counterparts of the three protagonists are played by Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson, while their older versions are played by Linus Roache, Rupert Everett and Gina McKee respectively. Here are some more details around my police officercharacters and the actors who play them.

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Harry Styles as young Tom Burgess

Young Tom is a down-to-earth working class man who, as a police officer, resorts to following the law rather than following his heart. As a result, he marries a girl, Marion, while having a secret romantic affair with another man named Patrick. Harry Styles of One Direction, best known for: don’t worry babyplays the titular police officer, Tom, in my police officer. Before don’t worry baby and my police officerHarry Styles has also had cameo roles in big-budget action movies, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe Eternals and the war drama of Christopher Nolan Dunkirk.

Emma Corrin as young Marion Taylor

Tom’s wife, Marion, is played by Emma Corrin in my police officer. After marrying Tom, she finds herself in the middle of a messy love triangle that not only threatens her marriage, but also reflects on the torrid political situation of her husband and his secret lover. Emma Corrin is known for her amazing Golden Globe-winning performance as Princess Diana in Netflix’s The crown. She also plays the titular character in Lady Chatterley’s loverand will star as the Gen Z amateur sleuth Darby in the upcoming miniseries from indie filmmakers Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij Refuge.

David Dawson as young Patrick Hazlewood

Tom and Marion first meet Patrick during a trip to a museum where he works as a museum curator. What starts as a chance meeting later turns into a complicated relationship that changes the lives of all three, Tom, Marion and Patrick. One of them eventually breaks free, but the consequences are much more damaging than they initially expected. David Dawson was previously seen in Peaky Blinders season 1 as Robert, in Luther as Toby Kent, and also in The Last Kingdom as Alfred.

Linus Roache as Elder Tom Burgess

my police officer begins in the present, when Tom Burgess is much older. He is retired and the ravages of time have strained his marriage to Marion. Linus Roache, who is known for playing the recurring character King Ecbert in Vikingsportrays the older version of Tom in my police officer. Except in the lead role Vikings and my police officerthe actor has also appeared in well-known action movies such as Batman Begins and The Chronicles of Riddickalong with long-running TV series such as Law & Order SVU.

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Rupert Everett as Elder Patrick Hazlewood

After a debilitating stroke, the elderly Patrick is bedridden and Marion takes on the responsibility of looking after him. His closed relationship with Tom is well behind him, but there are still some unprocessed concerns and vulnerabilities that he and Tom must acknowledge before they can end things for good. Rupert Everett, the actor behind old Patrick’s character, has several acting credits to his name. Some of his most popular roles are of: Shrek 2, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Shrek the third, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Weird Children, Black Mirror‘Fifteen million earnings’. In the near future, Rupert Everett can also be seen in Everyone loves diamonds, Judyand Leadheads.

Gina McKee as Elder Marion

my police officerThe storyline mainly unfolds from the perspective of the elder Marion, who visualizes Patrick’s memories by flipping through his diaries. Her character is portrayed by Gina McKee of the Notting Hill fame, whose acting career spans more than four decades. The actress has played numerous roles in popular films such as the check, penanceand Phantom wire and even TV shows like bodyguard and The silence.

Supporting role and character

Kadiff Kirwan as Nigel: Kadiff Kiwan, previously seen with Sean Bean in BBC One’s Timeplays a secondary character my police officer. The actor can also be recognized by his roles in Netflix’s The stranger, pokemon detective Pikachu, and black mirror.

Emily John as Pamela: my police officer‘s side character Pamela is played by Emily John, who has only two other acting credits: Y Gyfrinach/The Secret and Dig Ophelia Dig.

Dora Davis as Sylvie: Dora Davis previously appeared as Grand Duchess Maria in Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man aand as Dani in Silent Night.

Joseph Potter as Roy: Before taking on the role of Roy in my police officerJoseph Potter starred in All at sea and accident.

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