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Something dubious about Meghan Markle’s curtsy story

DEAR MISS MANNERS: In a TV show about Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, they described the first time Meghan met the Queen. This was when they were still dating, so she had no royal titles. She was an American citizen, not a British royal.

They said Prince Harry told Meghan at the last minute, in the car on the way to the meeting, to bow to the Queen. All Meghan apparently wondered was if she knew how, and if she would do it well enough.

But I was always taught, even as a child, that Americans didn’t curtsey to foreign royalty after the American Revolution. Am I incorrect? Did Meghan have to bow to another country’s monarch just because she was in a relationship with the monarch’s grandson?

Does it have to do with what position people hold in the United States? For example, when the president and his wife visit the queen (or now the king), is the first lady expected to take a bow? Or is it just that American citizens don’t bow to royalty, but instead show respect in other ways? If so, what are they?

What should Meghan Markle really have done?



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