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Does a cheater get to have these wedding traditions?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Are there etiquette guidelines for a wedding where the couple consists of a formerly married person and their affair partner during that marriage (assuming that fact is known to everyone)?

Should the bride avoid white? Should the officiating clergy skip the normal sermon on fidelity? Does the entire event have to be withheld?

SOFT READER: How to show proper remorse while celebrating the by-product of one’s crime dates back at least to Hamlet’s mother’s second wedding. But, as Queen Gertrude pointed out, it’s a problem that isn’t looking for a solution, as the revelers are generally content to party on.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My partner invited one of his friends to my house, who in turn brought one of her friends. It was an informal get-together, so “the more the merrier” was the order of the day.

That is, until this friend of a friend started puffing his vape pen incessantly, without warning or permission, in my house. I don’t know this vaper very well and was stunned at how to handle the situation.



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