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I never got a gift for donating to their emergency fund

DEAR MISS MANNERS: A friend and her husband ran into some problems with their new home and needed money to fix the problems and make the place livable again. They have started an online campaign to raise money.

Based on the amount donated, you would get a “gift” of your choice (her husband is a craftsman and made the items). I donated a larger amount than I originally intended because I wanted a specific gift.

The money was raised and the couple thanked online.

It is now several weeks later and I still have not received my gift. There is no acknowledgment of nor follow-up conversations or messages regarding the delivery or making of the gifts. Not even “Hey, we’re so grateful, but very busy, and we’ll be right there.” This is unusual for a couple who share so much online.

Should I ask about my gift or just let this fade into the air knowing that I helped someone I care about? I feel their plea for help was decisively answered, and once they got what they wanted, they just moved on.



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