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Minnie Driver Reveals Why She Starred In Camila Cabello’s Cinderella

Minnie Driver explains why she starred in Camila Cabello’s Cinderella movie. The modern twist on the fairy tale sees the classic princess as an enterprising and independent heroine, eager to start her own dressmaking business. Although Cinderella eventually falls in love with and ends up with the Prince in this version, she sets the terms of the relationship and is able to pursue her dreams, allowing the Prince’s sister to claim the throne. Cinderella is an updated film musical adaptation of a popular story with plenty of talent behind and in front of the camera, but the film was poorly received by critics, despite scoring slightly higher with audiences.


Featuring an all-star cast including Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Billy Porter and James Corden, Cinderella stars pop singer Camila Cabello as the titular princess. Driver, one of several talented actors involved in the critically panned film, has previously starred in a long list of impressive titles, including Good Will Hunting, Circle of Friends, Grosse Pointe Blank, Tarzan, Hope Springs, Ella Enchanted, The Phantom of the Opera, About a Boy, Modern Love, and Speechless. In Cinderella, she portrays Queen Beatrice, a kind royal who convinced Prince Robert’s (Nicholas Galitzine) father the King (Brosnan) to accept his son’s proposal to marry a commoner and encouraged him to live with Ella .

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During an exclusive interview with screen raging, Minnie Driver, who recently starred in another modern twist on a classic story with Karen Maine’s rosaline, spoke about her decision to take on a role in 2021 Cinderella. The acclaimed actor cites a desire to play roles in projects that will bring joy to viewers, with a refreshingly down-to-earth take on her craft. Check out what she had to say below:

“I love these women who are seemingly oppressed by their position but ultimately triumph because they are such damn good people. That’s nice. I like being a part of things that I know people will enjoy. That is the reason I did Cinderella, and it’s definitely the reason I wanted to be part of Rosaline too. I just know that people are going to have a great time and love it, and we need that now. We have people who feel happy and better.”

Why modern twists on classic stories like Cinderella are so enticing

Cinderella is one of many modern versions of old stories, proving Driver’s point that audiences enjoy that genre of work. The audience rating for the film on Rotten Tomatoes, 59 percent, is also slightly better than the critics’ 42 percent, showing that casual viewers liked the film more than their more critical counterparts. The reason sometimes has to do with the satisfaction that comes from reclaiming stories that are often steeped in problematic history or contain outdated themes. By making Cinderella an entrepreneur and preventing her from settling for a royal life with the prince without regard for her own desires and needs, Cinderella updated the traditional story and created a heroine to admire. Other more successful films with modern interpretations of fairy tales include: In the woods (also starring Corden) and enchanted.

Movies of this nature work because they reframe dated stories to gain new relevance, but also because combining classic and traditional storylines with contemporary characters and issues is often hilarious due to the inherent irony and contrast at play. Additionally, the public’s familiarity with the classic stories allows for inside jokes with viewers, dramatic irony, and the inclusion of new, overlooked perspectives that add nuance to the original stories. While Cinderella was perhaps a disappointment because of its heavy-handed writing and flat characterization, that film is one of many modern twists on well-known classics. Fans of that genre have plenty to look forward to, with Rosaline (a modern twist on) Romeo and Juliet from a new perspective) set to stream on Hulu this week and disappointed arrives on Disney+ in November.

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