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Millie Bobby Brown Picks The Perfect Taylor Swift Song For Enola Holmes

Of Enola Holmes 2 Millie Bobby Brown, appearing on Netflix this Friday, picks a Taylor Swift song that perfectly describes her sleuthing nature. Based on Nancy Springer’s book series, Enola Holmes 2 features the return of much of the cast from the first film, including Brown as the titular heroine, Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, Louis Partridge as Viscount Tewkesbury, Adeel Akhtar as Inspector Lestrade, Susie Wokoma as the judo master Edith, and Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes. Original director, Harry Bradbeer, and screenwriter Jack Thorne have also returned for the sequel.


Enola Holmes 2 debuts on Netflix on November 4, just two weeks after Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, midnightdebuted to much fanfare and critical acclaim on October 21. Brown is a huge Swift fan herself when the two met backstage at the Reputation tour in 2018 and posted an adorable selfie together online. The ties between the Enola Holmes star and singer-songwriter go beyond that, like Brown’s Weird stuff co-star, Sadie Sink, starred in All too good: the short film last year.

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During a recent interview with screen frenzy, Brown was asked to choose one Taylor Swift album or song that perfectly describes Enola Holmes. The actor responded with “The Man”, a song from Swift’s 2019 album, Lover. Read Brown’s explanation for dialing the number below:

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“The Man” on the Lover album. It really explains itself. If you actually watch the music video, it’s Taylor dressed up as a man, and it’s just what she would do if she were a man. I think Enola would like to be a man because she would know that she could move forward in life. I think it’s a very good song.

How Enola Holmes Dives Into Themes Of Sexism

As Brown explains, “The Man” is the perfect Swift song to describe Enola Holmes. Through the lyrics, Swift plays with the idea of ​​gender perception and thinks about how all of her achievements and mistakes would be viewed differently if she were a man. Swift goes one step further in the music video “The Man,” as Brown mentions, by dressing up as a man. In Enola HolmesBrown’s titular heroine faces a similar struggle growing up in the shadow of her older brother, the famed Sherlock Holmes. Despite being as intelligent as Sherlock, Enola is forced to attend a reform school because of her rebellious nature, where she learns “proper manners” and performs “feminine tasks” such as embroidery.

Enola Holmes 2 will delve deeper into themes of sexism through its eponymous heroine who defies social norms for women of her time, but also through the mystery she must solve. Enola Holmes 2trailers have revealed that the titular detective-for-hire will be tasked with solving the mystery of a missing match girl, shining a light on the seedy industrial underbelly in 1800s London where workers, often young girls, had to endure poor working conditions . The film’s feminist message will be on full display when Enola Holmes 2 will be released on Netflix later this week.

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