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Michael Myers Actor Reveals His Favorite Halloween Franchise Kill

There’s a lot to choose from, but the actor who brought Michael Myers to life in Halloween ends revealed what his favorite kill in the franchise is. Director David Gordon Green recently took the helm from the Halloween franchise and did so with the help of James Jude Courtney as the ever-mysterious Michael Myers. Courtney has mastered the infamous William Shatner masked killer in the reboot trilogy and has apparently had a lot of fun with it.


Michael Myers is in the horror movie hall of fame for having amassed an astronomical number of murders. While the exact number is up for debate with the episode of Halloween ends, there is a consensus that he killed north of 100 people in the franchise. It came from the original Halloween when Myers killed his older sister Judith when he was six. Since then, he’s gone on a rampage, having done everything from taking out an entire paramedic team after being in a coma to taking out an entire crew of firefighters sent to put out the fire that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) had ignited in her. home. Suffice it to say that Myers is the personification of a murderous frenzy who takes his job very seriously.

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How could you narrow it down with all these amazingly gruesome murders to choose from? Courtney made it look easy when he sat down with… screen frenzy to talk about Halloween ends, the finale of the reboot trilogy. Courtney, who has played Myers in all of the Green’s Halloween movies, has one of, if not the best, character motives and felt like he could weigh in on what he thought was the best of the long list of kills. Courtney says:

So first of all, the 1978 Bob murder is my favorite murder in all the Halloween movies, all of them, even my own murders. That murder was so original and so powerful to me, so to re-enact that murder, I was in mission mode whether I had the mask on or off, when we’re rolling the camera, but especially when I’m put on the mask, I’m not myself anymore.

How Courtney Prepared for the Murder of Michael Myers

Courtney, who started out in the industry as a stuntman, has said he uses breathing techniques when playing Michael Myers’ character. Not only does the breath help him fully become Myers’ character, but it also helps him get out of the role so he doesn’t take the mentality home with him. This allows Courtney to apply the same brutality to the alleged supernatural Michael Myers in all films. In addition, he has gone to the jungle and has worked with shamans and, by extension, their spiritual medicines to reach mentally dark places. He claims that the spiritual experience can bring him to a point without judgment, allowing him to fully play the character.

Considering how personally Courtney prepared for the role, it’s fair to assume there’s really something about the Bob murder of the original Halloween movie. There’s something terrifying about the murder, and Courtney has seemingly done everything he could to infuse that energy into his return to Halloween ends and the entire reboot trilogy. It’s sad to see the trilogy he was part of, but at least he was able to reenact his favorite murder.

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