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Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd Tease Announcement With Reunion Images

Back to the future legends Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd have taken to their social media pages to tease a mysterious announcement alongside a few reunion photos. The importance of the Back to the future trilogy about the science fiction genre – and cinema in general – cannot be emphasized enough, and the series remains as popular today as ever. With the franchise’s first outing turning 37 this year, the series celebrated its anniversary with a touching reunion between Back to the future‘s stars, Fox and Lloyd, at this year’s New York Comic Con, much to the delight of the legions of fans.

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But while the time-traveling exploits of Marty McFly and Doc Brown… Back to the future franchise one of the biggest film events of its generation, the series has seen little continuation since the original trilogy. Despite other 80s sci-fi hits like Ghostbusters received numerous reboots, Back to the future has remained relatively untouched, with the trilogy’s director, Robert Zemeckis, even stating that he would stop all attempts to reboot the franchise. After Fox’s retirement from acting, hopes for a Back to the future continuations were further destroyed, seemingly putting the series to bed for the last time.

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But now, Fox and Lloyd have taken to their social media pages to tease out a mysterious announcement. The couple posted two photos of themselves together, one, a black and white image of Lloyd and Fox sitting together, the other, Lloyd hugging his old friend. Alongside the photos, both actors posted equally cryptic comments, with Fox saying: “Doc and I are planning something seriousand Lloyd just saysTime“. Check out the posts below:

While fans will no doubt be clamoring for a reunion between the pair, the real reason for the tease seems to be something completely different. Following the posts, Lloyd and Fox posted videos teasing what a new, official . seems to be Back to the future merchandising store. Many fans online have come to the conclusion that this new store is what teased the couple, but of course there could be something else these cryptic messages lead to that has yet to be revealed.

Fans’ love for the franchise is easily measured by the reactions to Fox and Lloyd’s posts. Based on the photos, Back to the future fans have been quick to flood social media with theories and ideas about what exactly the couple got up to, but it seems a reunion is out of the question for now. While a merch shop is undoubtedly not what fans were hoping for, at least it displays two more photos of Lloyd and Fox Back to the future fans around the world something to delight in.

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