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MCU Proved Venom 3 Being The Last Movie Won’t End Sony’s Villain Franchise

If Marvel has proven anything, it’s that characters can appear in other films outside of solo projects. Tom Hardy’s Venom can return after Venom 3.

gif 3 is officially in the works, but the MCU has proved that Venom could make an appearance in other films alongside its solo films. While the third Venom movie doesn’t currently have a release date, there are other indications that it could make an appearance in other Marvel movies, given his cameo appearance at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home. His appearance in that film allows for several ways for the character to return to the MCU while also continuing his story from his solo franchise. Sony could iterate on Marvel’s methods and cross Venom into their other Spider-Man related films to set up more franchise projects.


While Tom Hardy’s Venom isn’t in the MCU right now, the character could be making his way back for other crossover projects, such as a potential Spider-Man vs. Venom or even a movie around the Sinister Six. Tony Stark starred in several MCU movies after the release of Iron Man 3and Venom’s return could take a similar approach. gif 3 is set to be the last Venom movie, but maybe it won’t be the end for the character. morbius may have underperformed at the box office, but both films are believed to be set in the same universe and could be included in other episodes. Other upcoming Sony Marvel movies like Madame Web, Kraven the hunterand El Muerto can continue their Spider-Man universe as long as the movies are proven to make money and excite audiences. Sony announced gif 3 weeks after morbius was released in theaters, suggesting that the studio already has a plan for both characters to return in the future. Iron Man’s character after his third film is proof that a character’s story can still be fleshed out after a final solo film.

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How Iron Man proved Sony can survive without Venom 4

Tony Stark appeared in a solo trilogy, a Hulk movie, a Captain America movie, a Spider-Man movie, and four Avengers movies in the span of 11 years. But his trilogy ended after five years and Robert Downey Jr. made the rest of his appearances during the last six years of his tenure as Iron Man. There were still many stories to tell with that character, and it didn’t require a fourth solo film. If Tom Hardy has a starring or supporting role in other movies, he could essentially be the Sony version of Iron Man for the Spider-Man villain universe. Some of Tony Stark’s major storylines were rescheduled after theIron Man 3 such as the creation of Ultron, his clash with Captain America and failure to stop an alien from killing half the universe.

How Venom can appear in Sony’s Villain franchise after Venom 3

After gif 3the upcoming Spider-Man movies like Spider Man 4 might find Venom clashing with Spider-Man or maybe other antagonists like Morbius or Kraven. Tom Hardy clearly enjoys portraying the antihero and even got credit for the story Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Hardy probably has an idea of ​​how he would like to see the rest of Eddie Brock’s story.

As Marvel Studios modified the Multiverse throughout Phase 4 and throughout the Multiverse Saga, it will bring Venom back to the MCU. The upcoming Spider-Man and Avengers sequels would be the perfect way to see through it. The Secret Wars In the comic book line, Peter Parker first comes into contact with an alien symbiote who sees his Spider-Man suit turn black. Marvel Studios could tweak this with Venom if they decide to continue its story afterward gif 3.

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