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Marvel’s Jimmy Woo Actor Randall Park Flaunts His Spoiler Resistance

Ant-Man and Aquaman star Randall Park boasts that he’s “not afraid” of inadvertently slipping MCU and DCEU spoilers and telling fans to “try me out”.

In a world full of spoilers, Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Expanded Universe actor Randall Park has shown off his tenuous ability to keep franchise secrets neatly hidden. Park is an actor and comedian with a long list of film credits to his name. The office. In 2018, Park became one of the few actors who could claim to appear in both the Marvel and DC movie universes simultaneously, playing both Agent Jimmy Woo in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Dr Stephen Shin in Aquarius.


After his turn in the ant man sequel, Park’s character quickly became a fan favorite and would eventually return alongside Kat Dennings’ Thor character Darcy Lewis in Marvel’s first interconnected MCU television series, WandaVision. The pairing became so popular that social media was flooded with calls for a X files-style Jimmy Woo and Darcy spin-off series during WandaVision’s first run on Disney+. While it seems unlikely that such a series will ever take place, Park’s Jimmy Woo has been confirmed to appear next year Ant-Man: Quantumania. Likewise, his DCEU character Dr. Stephen Shin also returning for next year Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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While Park currently occupies a coveted position in two competing movie universes, he insists he won’t be the one responsible for leaking franchise secrets. During a recent interview with ComicBook.comMarvel’s Jimmy Woo Actor Claimed He Wasn’t Afraid to Reveal Spoilers”because i’m so good”. Check out his full comments below:

Oh god, you know, I’m not afraid of either one, ’cause I’m that good. I’m so good, and, uh, you know, I love being a part of both universes, so I don’t let anything slip. So you can try me. Nothing will slip.

Marvel Actors Have a Hilarious History of Spoilers

While Park may be confident he can’t leak spoilers, not all of his fellow Marvel stars can boast the same. Both Spider-Man’s Tom Holland and the Hulk’s Mark Ruffalo have been repeatedly cornered by comments they made while promoting their films. Among many other faux pas, the Netherlands once made it famous that Spider-Man would go into space during the events of Infinite Warwhile Ruffalo would even ruin the long awaited ending avengers outing prior to release.

Holland and Ruffalo’s slips were so common that other Marvel stars like Benedict Cumberbatch and Don Cheadle often had to intervene during press pledges to keep the pair from revealing too much. Fortunately, the Netherlands at least seems to have learned its lesson and once compared the secrecy requirements to Spider-Man: No Way Home to join the Suicide Squad, claiming Marvel Studios would kill him if he revealed spoilers. In any case, the forces behind both the MCU and DCEU can rest easy knowing that Park won’t follow Holland and Ruffalo’s lead, and he’s confident he can keep a close eye on all the important details. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania back on February 17.

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