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Marvel Is Right To Wait On Black Panther 3

With the uncertainty of how Wakanda Forever will be received after Chadwick Boseman’s passing, it makes sense that Marvel is waiting for Black Panther 3.

There is enough appetite for one Black Panther 3 even before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is released, but Marvel is justified in waiting for the public’s reaction to the second outing before making concrete plans for a third. Black Panther has become one of Marvel’s most beloved characters since he was introduced to in the MCU Captain America: Civil War, but the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman has led to uncertainty about the future of the franchise, as T’Challa was the centerpiece. First reactions to pre-release screenings of Black Panther 2 have been positive, especially in dealing with grief surrounding T’Challa and by extension Boseman, but whether that positivity translates to the general public remains to be seen.


That doesn’t stop Marvel from coming up with ideas for a Black Panther 3however. Wakanda forever producer Nate Moore confirmed in an interview (via Collider) that possible story threads had been discussed:There are definitely ideas that we’ve been floating around about what a third movie could be if we got to make it. But until the movie comes out, we’re kind of superstitious that way. We don’t want to count our chickens because you never know what’s going to happen. While ideas for future plans for Black Panther 3 is good practice in both a business and narrative sense, avoiding concrete plans for a further sequel is a rational decision at this point.

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Marvel could learn important lessons from Black Panther 2

As popular as the Black Panther concept, its brilliant characters and the land of Wakanda itself, and as gifted a director as Ryan Coogler, without T’Challa and Boseman, the sequel is still a step into the unknown. Wakanda foreverThe latest trailer almost confirmed that Shuri is the new Black Panther, and Letitia Wright certainly has the appeal, pathos and charisma to tackle the daunting task of taking on Boseman’s mask. On paper, she’s a more than worthy successor, and it would be an incredible moment for a woman of color to represent the title role in an MCU movie for the first time.

Or Wakanda forever and how it refocuses without T’Challa and Boseman touching as much a chord as the first Black Panther however, remains to be seen. Cooglar, Moore and the rest of the filmmakers are waiting to see if the film’s reportedly daring meditation on grief works for a general audience seeking a blockbuster experience. It’s also possible for the film to make unexpected plot decisions that might not be a good fit for a mass market. For example, there is still a possibility of multiple Black Panthers, and it would be unclear how an audience would react to that idea. While the filmmakers, of course, took the courage of their convictions Wakanda forever‘s narrative decisions, lessons can still be learned from how the film will be received.

Can Black Panther 3 still take place before Avengers: Secret Wars?

There are still holes in Marvel’s schedule that Black Panther 3 could fill in between Wakanda forever‘s release and that of Avengers: Secret Wars in May 2026. There is currently a 10-month gap between them the miracles and Captain America: New World Order for example from July 2023 and May 2024, although that would of course require a very quick production turnaround, or Marvel undergoing a Tetris release date to make room further down the Multiverse Saga. There is currently also a year between Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Warsthough the events of the former could complicate any MCU release booked by either avengers movies. If it doesn’t work sooner Secret Warshaving at least four years to work out ideas after the Multiverse Saga ends could be beneficial for Black Panther 3‘s development, allowing Marvel breathing space to create an interesting and brilliant new look at the property.

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Key release dates

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