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Man Of Steel 2 Fan Poster Imagines Bizarro As Superman’s Next DCEU Threat

After the news that Warner Bros. Discovery is developing Man of Steel 2, Bizarro emerges as Superman’s next villain in an awesome fan poster.

DC villain Bizarro emerges as Superman’s next enemy in an awesome fan poster for Man of Steel 2. The DCEU has come a long way since Zack Snyder helped launch it in 2013, starting with: Man of Steel, in which Henry Cavill was the latest cinematic interpretation of Superman. The reboot modernized the Last Son of Krypton as Snyder retold Clark Kent’s original story, which was the first step in launching the DCEU, which went on to introduce Wonder Woman, Batman, and several other iconic Justice League characters.


As the DCEU continues to develop with several new franchises, Cavill’s Superman hasn’t been on the big screen since 2017. Justice League. Even if it’s from Snyder Justice League cut was released in 2021, the film is not set in the DCEU but in a separate continuity. There have been talks for years that Cavill’s time as the Man of Steel may be over, with constantly conflicting reports about where the actor stood with the franchise. When Warner Bros. Discovery completed the merger earlier this year, however, there have been multiple shake-ups in the studio’s new version, including the direction of their DC IPs. A new report recently came out in which Warner Bros. Discovery… Man of Steel 2 in development and is actively looking for a screenwriter.

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For now, neither Warner Bros. Neither Discovery nor DC Movies de Man of Steel 2 reports. That doesn’t stop passionate artists from pitching who the bad guy could be though Man of Steel 2as a popular designer boss logic made a poster for the possible sequel. The poster suggests that Bizarro could be the next DCEU threat to Cavill’s Superman, which can be seen below:

Who could be a suitable villain in Man of Steel 2

While a script has yet to be written, Bizarro would be a solid choice as the main villain in Man of Steel 2 or one of Clark’s antagonists. Considering it’s been more than five years since viewers followed Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU, restarting his franchise with a personal enemy could be an engaging way to reread what they got into with the character in his previous films. Similar to many DCEU villains, Bizarro has been reimagined from the comics as there are different versions of different characters at the moment. Therefore, the DCEU could use any iteration of Bizarro they want in the event that they made him the biggest threat in Man of Steel 2.

It would also be intriguing to see how Cavill would fare playing Bizarro in Man of Steel 2 while also doing double duty as Superman. The last time Bizarro appeared in live action was in Superman & Lois season 2, but with a twist as the Arrowverse iteration was reimagined to be more sympathetic and more of a fallen hero than a traditional villain. As the DCEU gears up to have Cavill’s Superman return more regularly, hopefully it won’t be long before Warner Bros. Discovery is starting to get things going Man of Steel 2.

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Source: boss logic

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