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Malignant 2 Possibility Addressed By Director James Wan

With just over a year since its predecessor, director James W is focusing on a possible Evil 2. The first film starred Annabelle Wallis as Madison Lake-Mitchell, a young nurse who loses her baby after an argument with her abusive husband, who is himself murdered in a bizarre manner. While trying to recover from the situation, Madison’s life is turned upside down when those connected to her mysterious past are brutally murdered, sharing an apparent psychic connection with the killer as she watches them kill the victims by through visions.


Based on a story by Wan, his wife/actor Ingrid Bisu and writer Akela Cooper, the film hit theaters and HBO Max in September 2021 to generally favorable reviews from critics and audiences, with praise centered on Wan’s direction, the giallo and Dark Castle Entertainment throwback vibes, and malicious‘s off-the-wall third act twist. Despite generally positive reviews, the horror film underperformed at the box office, grossing just over $34 million against its $40 million production budget. This seemingly took all possible follow-up conversations off the table, although the man at the helm won’t give up a possible option Evil 2.

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While speaking with The AV club to think about making the first two treacherous movies, James W spoke about the possibility of Evil 2. The director stated that it will all be up to the fans and whether they want Warner Bros. convinced to produce the sequel. See what Wan said below:

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Here’s what I’d say for Malignant 2. If the fans want it, I want them to make a lot of noise with the studio. And that’s how you did it. #RestoreTheMalignantUniverse. That’s what needs to happen for a Malignant 2 to happen.

What could Maligne 2 be about?

While the original film ended quite satisfyingly, there were a number of unanswered questions that audiences hoped to see answered in a possible Evil 2. One of the biggest plot threads that still haunts many viewers is how Gabriel, Madison’s parasitic twin brother, got his electricity-based powers, which enabled him to communicate with everything from radios to cell phones, while also such electronic devices as lamps and TVs. With the first malicious movie that also ends with Gabriel threatening to try to flee Madison again for another killing spree, some were curious about a rematch between the siblings.

As Wan points out, most studios rely on box office numbers and fans, and while the former malicious film may have been a critical success, but the box office suffered from competition from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and candy man, as well as the simultaneous theatrical and streaming release. Since Warner Bros. Currently in a state of turmoil following the Discovery merger, in which they seek to repay $3 billion in debt, the film’s disappointing box office performance may leave the studio wary of moving forward with a sequel, especially given their shelving completed projects batgirl and Scoob! 2. Those who long for a Evil 2 can show the original movie support now available to stream on HBO Max.

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