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Listen To A New Adem Ilhan Track From HBO’s Avenue 5 [EXCLUSIVE]

Lane 5 Season 2 is finally here, breathing new life into the HBO sci-fi comedy that first hit screens in 2020. Starring Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad, the series is set on a luxury tourist spacecraft that travels from the course was diverted and an eight-week cruise to an eight-year voyage. Lane 5 is packed with the trademark wit and humor of series creator Armando Iannucci. Iannucci is perhaps best known for creating the fantastic show Veepwho won 17 Emmy awards and was nominated for 59 over its seven-season run, as well as writing hit comedy films In the loop and The Death of Stalin.

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The second season of Lane 5 is a testament to the resilience and professionalism of its writers, actors and directors, when the show’s signature set burned down in a fire in 2019 at the Warner Bros. UK studio lot. Scripts and edits have been changed to adapt to the loss that, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, makes it a minor miracle that Lane 5 is back in the air. Even more impressive is the fact that Lane 5 Season 2 seems to be an improvement on the series’ strong first outing.

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screen frenzy is excited to premiere “Like Psychosis But With None Of The Benefits”, a key track from the upcoming Lane 5 soundtrack album. “Like Psychosis But With None Of The Benefits” was composed by series composer Adem Ilhan, who previously collaborated with creator Armando Iannucci on his feature film In the loop. The song features digitally manipulated sounds that are both beautiful and shocking, with strings and percussion also taking center stage. Despite the track’s short running time, it takes listeners on a frenetic journey and gives a taste of what’s on the full soundtrack album.

Despite the fact that Armando Iannucci is known to rely little on music for his projects, the directive he gave Ilhan for the score opened up a whirlwind of possibilities. Saying “It should sound like no other music” gave Ilhan the ability to find and eventually change unconventional sounds Lane 5‘s score down to a character in its own right. For his part, Ilhan is an award-winning composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose unconventional process produces incredible results. Ilhan collaborated extensively with bass clarinetist Robert Stillman and violinist Emma Smith with great success in creating his soundscapes, as evidenced by “Like Psychosis But With None Of The Benefits”.

Listen to Avenue 5 – Soundtrack from the Original Series on November 4

The full track listing is as follows:

01. The Ongoing Journey

02. Mmm Ba deep

03. Go there and laugh

04. Newton’s… Third Law

05. The key word is walking

06. Your ears are beautiful, to me

07. Inside

08. Bearing

09. It stands for visual effects

10. Aaargh

11. Back to Earth

12. Big Yellow

13. It will be all right

14. Tense is my middle name

15. I don’t want to use my sweet moves

16. Oh Oh Oh Five

17. Walk With Me

18. Untie Me

19. Knotted Sheets

20. Orbiting the Earth

21. Like psychosis, but with none of the benefits

In writing about his work to Lane 5Ilhan said the following:

In this score, I knew I wanted rigidity to provide tempo, but also a constant sense of unease or underlying fear. The script is very funny, but it’s powerful because it explores ineptitude in the face of disaster – I felt my job would be to make that fear palpable, but also to keep the fast momentum flowing.

Lakeshore Records comes out Avenue 5 – Soundtrack from the Original Series tomorrow Nov 4. The soundtrack features musical selections from Seasons 1 and 2, providing a unique opportunity to hear the evolution of music between seasons in one place. Be sure to check it out wherever you stream your music.

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New episodes of Lane 5 season 2 releases Monday on HBO. Avenue 5 – Soundtrack from the Original Series will be available to stream tomorrow on digital platforms.



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