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Lindsay Lohan Has Amnesia In New Netflix Christmas Movie Trailer

Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas, co-starred and Glee alum Chord Overstreet came out today, and it looks great.

The new trailer for Netflix’s Fall for Christmas starring Lindsay Lohan was released today. The film was first announced in May 2021 and will be Lohan’s first film since Under the shadows in 2019. Although Lohan was once a lead actress in Hollywood with credits like Crazy Friday and The parental trap, she largely took herself out of the public eye in late 2010. In recent years, however, Lohan has pursued more personal projects such as her podcast, the lohdown, and narrate a season of the dating show Lovestruck High.


Fall for Christmas is the most exciting project Lohan has worked on in quite some time as it reintroduces the star as an actress. The film follows Lohan as Sierra, an heiress who suffers amnesia after a skiing accident and is taken in by an unknown lodge owner, played by cheerfulness‘s Chord Overstreet. Earlier this week, Lohan revealed a first look at the poster for the movie celebrating “Mean Girls Day” on October 3.

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Netflix finally shared a full trailer, with a short introduction by Lohan. The trailer pays tribute to Lohan’s roots by being scored as she sings a version of “Jingle Bell Rock,” which may be another callback to an iconic scene from mean girls. The trailer itself seems to follow a typical Christmas rom-com formula: girl (Lohan) from a wealthy background and with a betrothed, who somehow ends up in a small town for Christmas, starts falling for a blue-collar owner. collared lodge. The twist, of course, is that Lohan is diagnosed with amnesia after a skiing accident, and will have to decide if she wants to return to her life when she eventually regains her memories. Watch the full trailer above.

Could Falling For Christmas Be Lohan’s Official Comeback Movie?

Since this movie appears to be Lohan returning to her roots with a romantic comedy, fans are speculating whether… Fall for Christmas will be a comeback from Lohan. Netflix Christmas movies have previously featured major youth stars, such as Vanessa Hudgens’ series The princess switch. Lohan’s star power coupled with Netflix’s accessibility can finally get her to the high status of her early fame.

This isn’t the first time Lohan has attempted an acting comeback since her glory days, but it’s her strongest. In addition to the surrounding hysteria for her soon-to-be Fall for Christmas role, she will also star in another Netflix romantic comedy, irish wish, which is currently in production and scheduled for 2023. Fall for Christmas maybe Lohan’s way of reintroducing himself to Hollywood – and it took a long time.

Source: Netflix/YouTube

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