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Letters: Cost of inaction | Freeway fire

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Freeway fire will
force changes in L.A.

The I-10 fire and shutdown in Los Angeles reminds me of the I-80/880/580 maze fire on April 29, 2007, when a gas tanker fire collapsed two bridges. Emeryville Fire was first-in at 3:46 a.m. All fires look larger at night; from the Peninsula, the maze looked to have been nuked. Gov. Schwarzenegger declared an emergency and repairs were completed in under three weeks. Shows what happens when the government gets moving and opens the checkbook — wide.

Now about the I-10 fire. No one wants to be politically incorrect to call it plainly: arson started in the homeless camp below the freeway. If the fire hasn’t already moved the campers, the repair contractor surely will. With all deliberate speed.

I get the feeling the advocates for the “unhoused” won’t be standing in the way this time. Nor will any judge. That, too, would be most politically incorrect.

Stephen Cutright
Emeryville Fire Chief (Retired)

Is Newsom at odds with
Chinese community?

Concerning Gov. Gavin Newsom’s loyalty to Californians, after meeting with Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat, Newsom said he “expressed my support for the One-China policy … as well as our desire not to see independence” of Taiwan. Newsom spoke of “renewing our friendship and re-engaging (on) foundational and fundamental issues that will determine our collective faith in the future.”

Does this express the desires of California’s Chinese community?

Dan Spisak

Biden’s policies let
U.S. inflation flourish

Re: “Inflation showing signs of cooling” (Page A1, Nov. 15).

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