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Language Expert Explains Actual Problem With Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice

A language expert reveals the problem with Chris Pratt’s voice in The Super Mario Bros. movie. Produced by Illumination Entertainment, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be the second adaptation of the much-loved Nintendo game franchise, following the negatively-received 1993 live-action film. After nearly seven years of development, The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer was released last week. While the story is largely unknown, the trailer seems to indicate that the film will follow the game’s usual story, with Mario trying to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s grasp.


Directed by Teen Titans go! creators Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic and written by Minions: The Rise of Gru‘s Matthew Fogel, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will feature Pratt as the titular plumber, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, Charlie Day as Luigi, and many others. While the trailer was praised for its animation and much of the voice cast, fans of the Nintendo franchise were critical of Pratt’s Mario voice, saying the actor didn’t try very hard to capture the iconic Italian-accented voice. of the character. The prolific voice actor Tara Strong even chimed in, saying the film should have used Mario voice actor Charles Martinet.

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After the short snippet of Pratt’s voice in the trailer provoked so much disdain, a language expert splits as to why it wasn’t well received. Learn in a press release from the language marketplace preply, learning success manager Amy Pritchett offers some insight into the reasons for the negative public reaction to Pratt’s Mario voice. Pritchett notes that online searches for both “Mario accent” and “Chris Pratt Accent” have risen since the trailer’s release, highlighting the importance of authenticity in accents and languages ​​displayed on screen. See her analysis below:

With searches for ‘Mario accent’ up 838% in the past week, it’s clear to see the huge response this casting has caused, and it’s important to remember that the film industry has a huge responsibility to ensure that languages and cultures are protected. Mario is a well-known Italian plumber who is a favorite of fans of Nintendo games, including Super Mario and Mario Kart. With the new Mario movie, we see the actor’s debate over character identity, especially with Mario’s accent.

Dubbing can present huge challenges for movies, especially when casting a native speaker with the right accent. Searches for “Chris Pratt accent,” the English voice actor for Mario, jumped 214% in the past month after the trailer launched where Mario didn’t have the iconic Italian accent that would be expected of the character.

While it’s important that voice actors don’t accentuate stereotypes, many Mario fans wonder why an English-speaking Italian actor wasn’t picked to become the voice and take on the character.

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Can Super Mario Bros. Movie Overcome Chris Pratt’s Cast Backlash?

Pritchett raises an important point about Pratt’s vote impact. Besides not sounding like the much-loved video game character, he also doesn’t accurately represent the character he’s portraying, which would make setting up a fake Italian accent problematic if leaning on an exaggerated or stereotypical version of the voice. That complication, which could have been avoided by casting an Italian actor, puts Pratt in a difficult position as he tries to embody the iconic character, leading to the lackluster performance that viewers were quick to criticize. However, the trailer sets high expectations for the film (beyond Pratt’s performance), promising a faithful adaptation of the games from the uniquely designed Mushroom Kingdom to the perfect voice performances of Key’s Toad and Black’s Bowser.

Given the rapid changes made to the Sonic the hedgehog film After the universal online repercussion on the infamous “Ugly Sonic” design, it’s possible that the film’s makers make a note of that event and modify Pratt’s recordings to bring them closer to the source material, or even re-record. Even if they continue with the original recordings, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be a faithful and exciting tribute to the Nintendo franchise, even featuring a cameo from Martinet himself. With video game media franchises on the rise, Illumination may have a winning formula on its hands despite the repercussion on Pratt’s Mario voice, depending on how the film fares upon release.

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