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Kel Mitchell Releases A New Video Showing The Good Burger 2 Script

Good Burger stars Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson share a video on social media revealing the front page of the highly anticipated Good Burger 2 script.

Kel Mitchell has taken to social media to share an update on Good burger 2the long-delayed sequel to the original Good burger movie. The concept is based on a much-loved sketch from Nickelodeon’s All of thatwhich featured Mitchell on screen alongside his crime partner, Saturday Night Live legend Kenan Thompson. In the now expanding Good burger universe, lead characters Ed (Mitchell) and Dexter (Thompson) work in the titular restaurant while dealing with workplace hijackings and facing the rival Mondo Burger.


The original from 1997 Good burger film marked Nickelodeon Movies’ first attempt at taking sketch characters and stretching their story into a feature film. The film enjoyed solid financial returns over time, thanks to its evolution as a minor cult classic with the All of that audience from the mid to late 1990s. The Good burger film was part of a rising tide for Mitchell and Thompson, who graduated from All of that to their own show Keenan & Kel during this period. Now it looks like the duo is getting ready to return to their Good burger roots.

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Kel Mitchell shared a joint video post with Kenan Thompson on Instagram featuring a copy of the Good burger 2 script. In the caption, Mitchell explains that the team had a successful table reading, indicating that the actors really intend to make a… Good burger 2. View the message in the space above.

Who can return for Good Burger 2

The Good burger cast and crew have become highly respected actors and executives after their cheeseburger-focused movie. The film launched Linda Cardellini in her film debut, while Good burger director Brian Robbins would later become the CEO of Paramount Pictures. In their post, Mitchell and Thompson covered up some telling information on the front page of the script, including the writer(s) of the sequel, but as the head of Paramount, it’s likely Robbins will leave at least some impression on Good burger 2. Famous cameos from the first film included Shaquille O’Neal and Carmen Electra, both of whom still regularly appear on reality or television broadcasts.

Good burger 2 could be the first legacy sequel aimed primarily at millennials. While a different caliber and style of film, Top Gun: Maverick brought Gen-Xers poised to be reintroduced as an ’80s icon to theaters in box office-shattering throngs, in part because of the work Robbins pioneered as CEO of Paramount. Good burger is not of the millennium generation Top Gunbut the principle of nostalgic franchises revived after more than 20 years of dormancy will be tested by Good burger 2.

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Source: Kel Mitchell/Instagram

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