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Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR Comic Movie Script Complete In New Image

An update on Keanu Reeves’ BRZRZR comic book film adaptation reveals that the film’s script is complete. Published by BOOM! Studios, the comic book of the same name, began a limited run of twelve issues on March 3, 2021, with the current issue, BRZRKR #10, just released on September 21. Written by Reeves and Matt Kindt and illustrated by Ron Garney, BRZRKR follows Berzerker, also known as “B”, a weary and enraged immortal warrior who fought for centuries after being cursed over the Earth for 80,000 years. Desperate to end his torture, he becomes an agent of the United States government to uncover secrets about his existence and how to end it.


Originally conceived by Reeves, B’s character shares similarities with a few of the actor’s previous roles, most notably the murderer John Wick, and is modeled after Reeves in appearance. After seeing a resurgence in popularity with 2014’s John Wick, which has spawned an enviable franchise, Reeves’ move to a new creative medium allowed fans to see a different side of the star. On March 22, Netflix announced that a live-action movie and anime adaptation, both starring Reeves, would be made based on BRZRKR. Reeves will reportedly be heavily involved in bringing the comic books to life.

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author Mattson Tomlinwho also writes the script for the battersequel with Matt Reeves, has now revealed via Twitter that the script for the live-action BRZRKR film, on which he collaborated with Reeves, has been completed. The writer had previously shared a script update in June and shared his excitement, saying that he… “unhinged and disturbed that” [he’s] allowed to write this film.” Tomlin’s cryptic tweets simply reveal the first page of the script and the last, keeping the details well hidden. See posts below:

What to expect from Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR movie?

With its hyper-violent approach to action and retro styles, the BRZRKR comics are perfectly in line with Reeves’ current brand of action movies. As such, viewers can expect a gory, absolutely R-rated movie with Netflix-level production value, with Reeves as its gray and jaded star. While B will certainly be one of the most tragic and morally gray figures Reeves has played, there is certainly competition in the actor’s catalog, reflecting his penchant for playing characters such as the BRZRKR anti hero. Since this is such a passion project for Reeves, allowing fans of his to look deeper into his imagination, his performance may go beyond what many have come to expect from the hugely successful John Wick movies. One thing is certain: action lovers will discover a new epic and unyielding fighter to root for when BRZRKR debuts.

Tomlin’s update offered no idea of ​​a timeline for: BRZRKR’s release, but with the script complete, hopefully more casting and production news will follow. With Reeves’ impressive reputation in the industry and Tomlin’s talents, Netflix could be on its way to breaking into the major franchise territory, something they are also developing. The witch. While Reeves fans wait for more news about BRZRKR, they can look forward to him returning as John Wick for the fourth installment in the killer-led series in March 2023.

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Source: Mattson Tomlin/Twitter



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