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Julia Roberts Addresses Potential Superhero Movie Role

Julia Roberts talks about a possible role in a future superhero movie. Roberts has an impressive resume, dating back to the late 1980s, with her first big break in 1989 Steal Magnolias, which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She followed that up with Beautiful woman, which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. And while she would appear in movies like The Pelican Letter and Michael Collinsshe became known for her romantic comedies like My best friend’s wedding, Notting Hilland America’s Sweethearts.


However, 2001’s Erin Brockovich saw Roberts win her first and only Best Actress Oscar. She would go on with movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Charlie Wilson’s Warand eat pray love before being nominated again for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for August: Osage County. During this time, Roberts also made the obvious choice to move away from romantic comedies and only returned to the genre with her new film Ticket to paradisecosting George Clooney.

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while promoting Ticket to paradise, Variety Roberts asked when she would appear in a superhero movie. She replied, “Wouldn’t it be great”, before Clooney joked that they should do one together. Roberts and her costar then speculate about roles she could play, mentioning Wonder Woman. Check out Roberts’ comments on a role in a superhero movie below:

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Roberts: Wouldn’t it be great?

Clooney: We should do one. You and me.

Roberts: Who should I play against?

Clooney: Who should you play against?

Robert: I don’t know.

Clooney: Wonder Woman.

Roberts: Isn’t someone – Gal is Wonder Woman.

Clooney: Yeah, you don’t want to take anyone’s job.

Roberts: No, that would be terrible. … I don’t think I want to put on a cape.

Clooney: I’ve seen her. She wears a cape a lot.

Roberts: Maybe an apron. Is there a superhero apron?

Clooney: By the way, I had a rubber cape when I was Batman. It was rubber.

Roberts: (Rolling Eyes) That worked.

What Future Superhero Roles Could Julia Roberts Play?

With the state of the MCU, DCEU, and even Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, there’s no shortage of potential roles Roberts could play. Marvel offers opportunities with many future projects. Depending on how Marvel chooses to approach the X-Men, Roberts could fit in the role of someone like Lilandra, a member of the Shi’ar Empire royal family who also has a romantic relationship with Professor X/Charles. Xavier, or Dr. Moira MacTaggert , depending on the age range they want to cast.

DC’s future is a little harder to judge, given the state of flux their film slate has seen in recent months. However, depending on the movies they want to produce in the future, there are still plenty of places where Roberts could make an appearance. Given Roberts’ age, she may be out of the running for some roles that require younger superheroes, but depending on what DC decides, there are still great characters left, like Killer Frost or maybe even something a little more obscure like Element Woman. Plus, with DC fans yearning for a Green Lantern movie, it could open the doors for a character like Boodikka. So while Roberts seems interested in playing a superhero role, there are plenty of opportunities for the actress if the right role comes along.

Source: Variety

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