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Jordan Peele’s Nope Motion Poster Reveals Streaming Release Date

A new motion poster for Jordan Peele’s no has announced the streaming release date of the film. no first hit theaters on July 22, and quickly became a blockbuster. The film grossed $171.4 million worldwide against the film’s $68 million budget. Although there were some mixed reviews among critics, no was commended for Peele’s direction, as well as the film’s cast, including Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and The living Dead alum Steven Yeun.


no is Peele’s third film, after his highly successful debut projects Out in 2017, and U.S in 2019. Like his previous films, no is a horror and social thriller that follows a pair of estranged siblings in California as they attempt to gather evidence of a UFO near their family’s horse ranch. Peele is credited with popularizing the social thriller genre with Out, and as of 2017, he announced that he had four more social thriller films in the works. As with Peele’s other horror films, no led to not a little theorizing leading up to its release, as Peele’s works are known for not being easy. Moviegoers debated everything from what the alien visitors were to what? noThe title really meant, and now the public can decide these things for themselves from the comfort of their own home.

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Posted in a motion poster on Peacock‘s Twitter page, it has been revealed that no will be available to stream on November 18. The film will be available exclusively on Peacock just after the Halloween season ends, and just four months after that no was released in theaters around the world. Check out the motion poster and release date above:

Is Nope getting Jordan Peele’s first sequel?

Among the many fan theories that no was fueled, one in particular involved a character known only as “Nobody” – a character who appeared in the no trailer and is listed on the film’s IMDB page, but which did not appear in the final film. When asked about this character, Peele teased that he couldn’t give solid answers just yet, but that fans “will get more answers to some of these things in the future.Peele also said he wasn’t done telling everything yet no‘s stories not yet, indicating that no maybe there will be a sequel in the future. Of Peele’s three films, none have yet received a sequel, despite audiences having previously requested it with both Out and U.S.

no Being given a place on Peacock so soon after its theatrical release speaks to the film’s popularity and how eager viewers are to watch it on demand. While Peele’s other films have had similar popularity, Peele has not said a word about possible sequels for any of his projects, with the exception of no. With Peele’s social thrillers continuing to do well at the box office, and his plan of four social thrillers (two of which have already been released), maybe one no sequel could hit theaters in the coming years.

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