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Jonah Hill Reportedly Cast In Bad Boy Golfer Biopic Movie

Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill has reportedly been cast to play the bad boy of golf, John Daly, in a biopic of the director of Hotel Mumbai.

Jonah Hill has reportedly been cast to play pro golfer John Daly in an upcoming biopic. Most know Hill for his comedic work, launching his career through hit comedies such as Super bad and Whipped. However, over the years he ventured into dramatic films and collaborated with Martin Scorsese.

Daly is an experienced and notorious player in the golf world. He has won five PGA Tour tournaments, including his 18 career victories, including two Major Championship titles. However, Daly is an eccentric character who is also known as the “bad boy of golf” as the PGA Tour has given him five suspensions, six probation and 21 citations, some of which are related to his alcoholism and gambling problems. Now his story is adapted to the screen with Hill.


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As reported by above the line, Hill will tackle the controversial golfer’s role in a biopic. The film would explore Daly’s athletic achievements, as well as his scandals and troubled life. The as-yet-untitled film will also reportedly be directed by Anthony Maras, who previously helmed it Hotel Mumbaia gripping true story of terrorist attacks.

Why John Daly is a great role for Jonah Hill

While Hill is best known for his comedic work, the most recent being Adam McKay’s satire don’t look up, he has amply proven himself as a dramatic actor. One of Hill’s first substantial dramatic roles was in 2011’s money ball opposite Brad Pitt, which earned him his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He would then start working with Quentin Tarantino in Django unleashedfollowed by Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, earning Hill his second Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He even showed his dramatic chops behind the camera when directing the coming-of-age movie mid 90s.

Now that Hill is reportedly set to play Daly, he’s getting another dramatic role. However, Daly’s life and personality seem to fit well with what Hill can bring to the table, with roles in films like The Wolf of Wall Street prove that Hill can deal with characters dealing with substance abuse issues. Hill’s own unique sensibilities also seem to fit the colorful character that Daly is known to be, with his bright on-track outfits and “bad boy” persona. And with movies like True story, war dogs, money balland The Wolf of Wall Street, Hill has a lot of experience bringing true stories to the screen. Since the biopic is still in the early stages of development, not much else is known about the details. However, more information will emerge as the Hill’s Daly biopic develops.

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Source: above the line

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