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Joker Already Revealed How Arthur Fleck Could Meet Gaga’s Harley Quinn

The first joker end of the movie has the perfect set up for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn to meet in Joker: Folie à Deux. It is currently unknown if Gaga will also appear as Dr. Harleen Quinzel or alone as her Harley Quinn counterpart – something that could vastly change the story of the sequel, as her transformation into Harley Quinn makes Harleen a completely different character. however, the joker movie ending supports the idea that a particular storyline can be used for the joker: Foil à Deux movie, because it could explore the easiest and arguably most interesting storyline about Joker and Harley.


The joker In the final scene of the film, Arthur Fleck became a patient at Arkham State Hospital, this universe’s take on Arkham Asylum; a famous setting where the Joker meets Harley Quinn in most reruns of their story. Now that Fleck is in Arkham and it has been confirmed that Harley will appear in Joker: Folie à Deux, it makes sense for the two to meet here, and for the film to explore Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn by showing her origin story. Because this joker movies show a different side of the character, it’s likely that Joker’s romance with Harley Quinn in joker 2 will also be very different, should that element be modified. If Harley Quinn’s origins are the same as in the comics, then it’s very likely that her dynamic with the Joker will be a pivotal storyline for the movie.

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Gaga’s Harley Quinn Will Probably Be Very Different In Joker 2

Because the first joker movie was more of a character study, that’s to be expected joker 2 will respond to this with the introduction of Harley Quinn. Lady Gaga’s version of Harley could have her own central storyline and sidestep many of the issues the public has found with previous portrayals of Harley Quinn, sometimes suggesting she was little more than a love interest. A more focused character arc for Harley and well-adjusted dynamics with Joaquin Phoenix’ Joker could make her the superior cinematic version of Harley Quinn, which has always existed in ensemble films until now. With the film’s musical elements, Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn will likely also feature at least one musical performance in character, which is a move that has a lot of potential given Gaga’s own musical talents.

Harley falls for Fleck in Arkham makes sense

Casting Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn may have been an unexpected casting choice, but combining her acting talents with the musical genre suggests she’s the perfect person for the role. Gaga’s major acting roles such as her Oscar-nominated performance in A star is born and House of Gucci proves she has both the musical and acting skills to play a vulnerable person who falls in love with a psychopath. This also makes sense for Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, who has been clearly identified as both craves and fears human connection. One of the last scenes in joker had an army of civilians who supported him, and if indeed this turns out to be the reality in joker 2it’s likely this has earned him something of a celebrity status – allowing Harley to become intrigued by Joker’s unusual history and prospects in much the same way they do in the comics.

Harley Quinn falling for Arthur Fleck’s Joker makes sense for the joker sequel, especially when the twisted romance begins at Arkham State Hospital. Having a version of Arkham Asylum in the series is not only great to have as a central setting, but the location shown more prominently in Joker: Folie à Deux corrects a DC flaw by fully exploring the potential of a place so rich in comedic stories for a movie adaptation. As seen in other DC movies, Joker takes advantage of Harleen Quinzel’s role at Arkham Asylum, and she eventually falls for him and often teams up with him. Knowing that Joker now has cult following, Harley could see that as a reason to join him.

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