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John Cena Runs For President In The Independent Movie Images & Video

Peacock’s Upcoming Movie The independent will show John Cena as a hopeful president delivering stump speeches in a tense political climate. Cena’s character tries to become the first candidate to be elected without the support of a major political party, while investigative reporters pursue a career-making story about the race. The independent will be available to stream from November 2.

The independentThe plot is full of political storylines and reflections of real world conditions. In the story, voters are faced with the choice of electing the first female president, played by Ann Dowd, or Cena’s political outsider. Actor Brian Cox is back in character as a grizzly, abrasive executive, echoing his role as Logan Roy on succession; in front of The independentCox’ character is Pulitzer Prize-winning editor and boss of an aspiring reporter played by Jodie Turner-Smith. The project is directed by Amy Rice, best known for the award-winning documentary By the People: The Election of Barack Obama.


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The first footage shows Cena giving a round of applause with the phrase “Country Over Party” written across the stage against the backdrop of a huge American flag. The character is a long way from Cena’s work as the DC superhero peacekeeper, and seems to be Cena’s most dramatic role yet, as it doesn’t seem to rely on Cena’s building or stunting abilities. Peacock also released a short clip in which Cox’s character berates Turner-Smith for unlawfully obtaining supporting evidence for a story that could spoil the election of one of the candidates. Watch the first look clip and view images of The independent above.

John Cena runs for Dwayne Johnson’s President Mirrors Show

Cena’s former WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson also aspires to become the leader of the free world on screen. young rock, a sitcom based on Johnson’s life, bounces back from periods in Johnson’s life, from troubled childhood to his Miami football career. In a third storyline, staged in 2032, Johnson plays himself as a presidential candidate. Johnson has professed legitimate political ambitions (although he has since cut himself out of the running for president), and the show is in some ways a campaign ad dressed up as a television show.

There are not many levels of bias between the lived history of recent presidential elections and The independent‘s starting point. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the first female presidential candidate to be nominated by a major party, and she faced Donald Trump, who had the support of the Republican Party but retained his outsider status. Meanwhile, the first images of Cena onstage evoke the thoughts of several famous candidates currently running for office, namely Senatorial candidate Mehmet Oz, who was a guest guest. Danger! and had a 13-year run with a telemedicine show. The independent will strike a chord with viewers who have a painful memory of recent political history.

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