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John Carpenter Reveals Video Game Franchise He’d Adapt As A Movie

Halloween ends producer John Carpenter reveals which video game he would like to make into a movie. Carpenter reinvented the horror genre with his 1978 proto-slasher Halloween. More than 40 years later, the Halloween franchise continues to drop, with Halloween ends will arrive later in October.

But Halloween was, of course, just one of Carpenter’s triumphs in the horror and sci-fi genres. 1981 saw the release of Carpenter’s Escape from New York, the post-apocalyptic action movie that introduced the iconic character Snake Plissken. Then in 1982 Carpenter unleashed The thing, a horror film so gruesome it may have been too much for audiences at the time (though it’s now considered a classic). In 1988, Carpenter blended horror, sci-fi, and political satire to create the beloved (and eternally relevant) They live.


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Although Carpenter has now seemingly retired from filmmaking, he remains active as a film composer and producer. And in his spare time, Carpenter has also become an avid gamer, making him even more of a hero to the younger generations who have embraced his films. Indeed, the topic of games came up during a recent Carpenter interview with screen frenzyand especially the game Empty space, which the director previously indicated he wanted to adjust. See his comments in the space below:

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“Oh yeah, wouldn’t it be great to make a movie about that? Of course [I’m still interested], but I have nothing to do with it, because it is not my project. I believe there is already a producer who wants to do it, and a director, so no one has asked me. But if they did, I’d say yes right away. It’s a very scary project and I’d love to take it on.”

Will John Carpenter ever make another movie?

The science fiction/horror game Empty space indeed appears to be Timmermansstraat as a target for adaptation. At this point, though, it’s reasonable to wonder if Carpenter is even serious about making another movie someday. Although he remains active as a composer and producer, the 74-year-old has not directed a film since 2010 the district (a film that is not counted among his classics).

Of course, Carpenter can dive back into filmmaking at any time, but the question is whether he wants to. The director used to fight a lot with studios and seems to have a lot of bad feelings towards the film industry in general. Given all that baggage, it’s possible that Carpenter just doesn’t want the headache that comes with making a movie. It’s also sadly true that Carpenter’s last decade of film work was not up to the level of his ’80s classics, making it seem as if he had largely lost his directorial sense.

While Carpenter fans would certainly embrace any film project he wanted to tackle, it seems like a long shot that he would actually embark on such an undertaking at this point. Indeed, the former director seems to have substance in composing film scores and producing films such as: Halloween ends and generally serving as an elder statesman among horror filmmakers. But in a world where screen icons like Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood and Francis Ford Coppola are still making movies, Carpenter couldn’t get behind the camera one more time. It sounds like Empty space is a project that would certainly inspire him to return.

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