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John Boyega Shares New Attack The Block 2 Story Details

The ever-popular John Boyega discusses his return to the streets of London as Moses in Attack the Block 2 and shares new story details about the sequel.

Actor John Boyega discusses once familiar alien-infested locations with new Attack the block 2 story details. Although Boyega probably won’t return as Finn in the hugely popular Star Wars franchise, he has elevated his position as a serious actor with roles in Break, The woman kingand They cloned Tyrone. Boyega’s groundbreaking role saw him as the leader of a street gang that threatened South London’s impoverished social housing estate in Joe Cornish’s 2011 sci-fi action film. Attack the block.


In Attack the blockBoyega plays Moses, a troubled but proud young man with a fierce loyalty to his friends and little else. Moses and his gang become the unlikely saviors of their apartment building after helping a handful of residents fight an alien invasion. More than a decade after the first film and years of hopeful speculation, Boyega and Cornish Attack the block 2. Boyega will reprise his role as Moses, with Cornish back in the director’s chair, but other casting and plot details are largely unknown.

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With most aspects of the film still unfinished, Boyega is sharing some exciting new ones Attack the block 2 story details. He briefly discusses the expected sequel with: Deadlinewith an emphasis on returning to the original setting of Attack the block. He alludes to the gentrification of London and how Attack the block 2 will explore that location and its characters in a new way. Read the full quote below:

“We’re going back and looking at the locations where we shot the first movie [Southwark and Walworth in south London]- once dodgy areas – and we discover it’s all shiny, high-end apartments and Starbucks. There’s a whole world that we’re going to explore here with a whole new take on that universe, building and revisiting those characters.”

How Attack The Block 2 can approach its gentrified setting?

Describing the formerly seedy areas of South London in Attack the block as “shiny” introduces a whole new atmosphere to the movie house Attack the block 2 The script details are yet to be announced, Cornish and Boyega have promised a grander, amplified story and a fresh take on the film’s characters after a decade of growth. Boyega’s comments imply that the sequel will focus heavily on how London has changed between the release of the first film and Attack the block 2demonstrating the gentrification that turned crime-ridden town halls into glitzy residential areas for the upper classes.

while each Attack the block 2 plot elements remain purely speculative at this point, Boyega’s observations paint an intriguing picture for the alien movie sequel. For now it looks like it will take a similar approach to that of Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta candy man legacy sequel, which pits a host of new characters against the titular entity within the gentrified blocks of the former Cabrini-Green projects in Chicago. Assuming Attack the block 2 Following Candyman’s themes, Boyega’s Moses will face more aliens and navigate a completely different area of ​​south London than he understood in Cornish’s original film. Such thematic exploration would introduce a different approach to the underlying socio-economic issues the filmmakers addressed more than a decade ago.

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Source: Deadline

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