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Joel McHale Cried During The Community Movie Table Read

A month after it was finally confirmed, Joel McHale talks about the… Community movie table, seriously saying that he “cried like a baby afterwardsMcHale starred in all six seasons of Community as Jeff Winger, a disbarred attorney who starts a study group at Greendale Community College. The series created by Dan Harmon has a famously turbulent history due to low ratings, which led to the show being canceled by NBC in 2015, with its sixth and final season airing on the now-defunct streaming service Yahoo! Screen.


Ever since Danny Pudi’s pop culture obsessed Abed Nadir uttered the phrase, “six seasons and a movie“, referring to the short-lived NBC series The cloak, Community‘s cult following remained on the line as a hopeful motto for the show’s future. After years of waiting and pleading from fans, the Community It was eventually confirmed that the film was in development and most of the original cast was returning. Shortly after the announcement, McHale shared his excited reaction to the news, expressing his disbelief that “six seasons and a movie” is really coming into its own now.

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Now, during an interview with the cover at the Saturn Awards he hosted, McHale continued to talk about the Community movie. He shared his reaction to the script, which was written by Harmon, revealing that he “cried like a baby” read after the table what happened “during the pandemic.” Read what McHale said about the Community movie table read below:

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I’m going to look much older. I’m not kidding, so you know I’m being sarcastic when I f–ing literally everything, except er, there will be tears. We read that table during the pandemic and I cried like a baby after that and I’m not kidding. Everyone thinks what I’m saying is a joke, but it’s like being there – it’s really like a family reunion, but without a-holes. Because you know you go to a family and you say, “Ugh, there’s that one cousin of mine. He smells.” So anyway, we’re real – I can’t wait. Yes, that’s all I can say.

Most of the original cast returns for the Community film, including McHale, Pudi, Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie. Jim Rash, who played Glendale’s Dean Craig Pelton, and Ken Jeong, who played the school’s Spanish professor Señor Chang, have also been confirmed to return. Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown were two stars that were missing from the original announcement, though it’s possible their deals are still being worked out. Chevy Chase is unlikely to return for the film given his creative clashes with Harmon and his character was killed off during Season 5.

With Harmon and Andrew Guest returning to write the script, fans can Community film to stay true to everything that made the original show so beloved, including its meta humor, frequent pop culture references, and tributes to television and movie tropes and clichés. Like the table McHale described, fans can also expect the Community film themselves to be a heartfelt reunion for their favorite television study group for the first time since 2015. As the Community film script can bring even the relentlessly sardonic McHale to tears, the final product will likely do the same for the audience when the film is streamed on Peacock.

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