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Jeff Goldblum In Talks For Wicked Movie’s Wizard of Oz

With production on the project nearing completion, Jeff Goldblum is in final talks to play the Wizard of Oz for the upcoming Bad adaptation of the movie. Acting as a prequel to L. Frank Baum’s beloved novel, the story explores the friendship between witches Elphaba and Galinda, better known as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch in the original. Wizard of Oz, and the events that would lead to their opposition. Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo lead the cast of the Bad film as Glinda and Elphaba alongside Jonathan Bailey as the love interest of both characters, Fiyero.


Development on the Bad film adaptation has languished for nearly 20 years, with a variety of names being watched to bring it to life, including JJ Abrams, Ryan Murphy, and Rob Marshall. Universal would own the rights to the Wizard of Oz prequel in 2012 starring Billy Elliot alum Stehpen Daldry as director, though amid a variety of delays, including due to the studio’s focus on the recently panned adaptation of cats, Daldry would eventually leave due to scheduling conflicts. Future In the Heights director Jon M. Chu would later be put at the helm, with production finally set to start in November, and audiences getting an exciting new update to the Bad movie.

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Variety has announced that Jeff Goldblum is in final talks to discuss the Bad the movie Wizard of Oz. Though known for helping Dorothy end up and her friends’ happiness in their lives, the Broadway musical revealed a much darker and more corrupt side of the character. Production on the Bad film is expected to begin in November.

Why Goldblum is Perfect for Wicked’s Wizard of Oz

After initially rising to stardom for many with the Jurassic Park franchise, Goldblum has become a household name over the years for his willingness to take on roles with a stranger sensibility to them, be it various collaborations with Wes Anderson or the grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. Goldblum’s unique personality type has even gone on to get his own National Geographic documentary series exploring a variety of things the world has to offer, including sneakers, video games, and fireworks. The actor’s success has grown even beyond his fans, with Goldblum earning Oscar and three Primetime Emmy nominations for various projects.

Given his eccentric personality, audiences are sure to be ecstatic at the prospect of Goldblum bringing the Wizard of Oz to life in any capacity, namely with the Bad movie. With the iconic character turning out to be much more of an antagonist than in previous adaptations of Baum’s novel, Goldblum was able to bring the same level of idiosyncrasy to the Wizard as he did with Thor‘s Grandmaster, for which he received much critical acclaim. Only time will tell how the public will react to Goldblum’s Wizard of oz when the first Bad movie hits theaters Christmas 2024.

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